Why your talent is the hero in your employer brand -story [podcast #54]

#54 Why talent is the hero in your employer brand -story - Building a modern employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

Did you know that for your employer branding to turn out really successful, your ideal talent must be the hero in your employer brand -story?

Most organizations position themselves as the hero. They should not. It is a mistake, because the aspiring hero is actually weak until someone lifts them up and helps them to become a hero.

Storytelling can be a great communication tactic in talent marketing and employer branding, but when using it, you must recognize how the roles go.

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If the talent is the hero, who are you?

Let’s get one thing clear about the hero in a story.

Everyone who aspires to become a hero in their own story is looking for someone or something who can help them.

Someone or something who has a plan and is able to help them to overcome whatever is preventing them to feel the hero in their life.

As an entrepreneur, I am continuously looking for and reaching out to others who seem to know more about something I struggle with, and appear to be able to help me it. I’m looking for a guide.

I also looked for a guide several years ago when I was so out of shape physically and mentally. I found a personal trainer who still today, helps me to keep it together.

This is normal for all of us in all of our lives. We have aspirations and often times we don’t know how to get there without getting help.

Your talent audiences are likely to have aspirations and needs for their work and personal lives. What if your employer brand was based on you becoming their trusted guide?

Add another hero and it becomes a competition

When I seek out for guides in my life, I see a lot of other hero-wannabes who definitely are not going to help me. And I don’t want to help them. Hero-wannabes are kind of like competition to each other.

If your business positions positions itself as another hero, your ideal talent is going to surpass your business when looking for their guide.

This is what most businesses get wrong. Every time we see a business talking only about themselves, we see that business positioning themselves as the hero.

Position your business as a guide by becoming an employer and place of work that is able to instruct, coach and guide your talents to solve whatever struggles are driving their career change, and get where they need to get in their life.

And not just to your talent audiences but to your clients as well.

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Which talent marketing pro profile are you

Building a modern employer brand is about positioning your organization as the guide to the aspiring hero talents of yours

When organizations start employer branding, their goal is often to become more attractive or the most attractive employer in their chosen market.

The thing is, your organization can definitely become a highly attractive employer and even the most appealing place to work in the eyes of your ideal talent audiences.

But only if you stop thinking and talking about your organization like it was the main character in your employer brand story.

Your business will only become the most attractive organization in your market when your ideal talents are able to bothl see and experience your organization as a guide.

A trusted guide is always someone who builds a strong case in being able to help the hero to get what they want and become what they aspire to become.

The modern Magnetic Employer Branding©️ method I developed helps (and guides) your organization to position yourself as the trusted guide and advisor to your ideal talent audiences.

This is a paradigm shift in employer branding and if you aspire to become a talent marketing professional, you should definitely check out the paradigm shift in employer branding >>.

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Listen to Episode #54

In this week’s episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast I explain why your ideal talent must be the hero on your employer brand -story, not your business.

In this episode:

  • What is a hero (in a story)?
  • Why talent must be the hero in your businesses employer brand -story?
  • Where does that leave your business?

Episode-length: 17:51 min

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