Hi, I’m Susanna. Welcome to my modern employer branding blog and podcast! I teach modern employer branding and other talent marketing on-demand at Talent Marketing School. If you aspire to master modern employer branding and become a Talent Marketing Pro, I have a plan for you.

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Are you getting confused about all the suggestions, ideas and recommendations for employer branding?


Employer brand is hotter than ever. You work at employer branding and everybody wants a piece of you.

The thing is, you have your own to-do-list, but you never seem to get down to it because of all the requests, wishes, wants and needs being sent to your way.

Can you relate?

Most employer branding practitioners have no idea how to gain control of daily employer brand activities and tasks.

Most employer branding practitioners wish they had a clear plan, realistic goals set out for the work and a systematic approach to delivering employer branding results.

Stop allowing any more road blockers on your employer branding path!

What you need to do is start building your own knowledge of the best practises and how to deliver the goals your business needs.

Start here with me as your guide. Learn how to build a modern employer brand and put proper fun back into employer branding!

Find your ideal role

Modern talent marketing (or HR marketing) goes beyond employer branding and recruitment marketing. I wrote a guide about the key roles I picked out for the Modern Talent Marketing Team. Which role sounds like a dream role for you?


I developed the modern Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ because the traditional way to approach employer branding no longer works. The world changed and we needed a new way to win sustainable attention and convert our actions into business value.


Become a student at Talent Marketing School and start building your professional skills and knowledge on building a modern employer brand. Study on-demand and online when most convenient for you.

Let’s start clearing the fog out for you as well

I participated Susanna’s Magnetic Employer Brand training and her expertise on this topic is quite literally outstanding.


Recruiting Manager

Concrete, to the point, impressive, inspiring!

I know I will be able to use my learnings for a long time!


HR Coordinator

Susanna’s sparring sessions are uplifting and encouraging. My thoughts are more clear and my ideas seem enriched after our sessions.


Principal Consultant

The concept and the elements of the Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ are clear and easy to work with and Susanna knows how to explain employer branding in very practical manner.
As a communication’s expert I was compelled by the Key Story Themes in the method. I participated in Susanna’s employer brand strategy training too get started, and then booked her coaching sessions to help us finalize our employer brand strategy.


Communication & PR

I love the way Susanna’s passion for employer branding comes through in her training. She makes strategic employer branding seem so easy and obvious!



Susanna’s take on measurable employer branding is so inspiring! When she started coaching me, I immediately knew I was hooked on working according to her strategic and planned “system”.


Employer branding

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