The paradigm shift in employer branding [podcast #4]

The paradigm shift in employer branding Building a modern employer brand podcast

Do you know what the paradigm shift in modern employer branding is?

Business marketing and communications’ have forever been about the company itself.

But how interesting and attractive is it, when the other party talks solely about themselves? Unless we already adore the other party, we are likely to excuse ourselves from those conversations. The same applies to business marketing including employer branding.

The paradigm shift the Modern Employer Branding method introduces is as simple as: “It is not about you, it is about them.”

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I’ll be talking to you about a major paradigm shift between the conventional and modern employer branding.

The paradigm shift in employer branding

The Modern Employer Branding Method I developed places your strategically ideal talents in a hero role of your employer branding -story.

I know this sounds suspicious; we all desire to be the heroes in our own stories. However, when you really grasp why companies invest resources in effective employer branding (it’s to win the hearts and minds of their ideal talents), you realize this is actually a witty strategy.

Talent must be the hero of your employer branding story

I have been studying storytelling since about 2015. And what has dawned to me is that a properly constructed story is the most powerful communications’ tool there is. The impact of storytelling to our brain is pretty incredible.

Why must a talent be the hero, you probably wonder?

When we place our ideal talents into the hero role, we formulate our employer branding messages and content in a different style than what we are used to when we place ourselves as the hero.

Take any story and you will soon figure out who is the main character of that story. The entire story is about that person’s journey from trial and tribulation into a successful future.

However, what is noticeable in all great stories is that the main character, the hero, is that something awful is about to happen to the main character unless they quickly find someone special to help them to solve this problem. That someone special in my method is your business.

All great stories have a guiding character in a supporting role. This character is the authority, the trusted advisor, the mentor to the hero character. The guide’s role is so significant, that without this character, the hero will not survive or succeed in their trouble.

Storytelling is a key tactic in the Modern Employer Branding Method

The Modern Employer Branding Method introduces storytelling as one of the key tactics helping to formulate employer branding messages and content that really speaks for the talents you are targeting. When we choose our messages carefully from the perspectives of our ideal talents, we are much more likely to win their attention and gain their interest towards us and our content.

We all – of course – are in love with our own purposes and missions and accomplishments. But that is because we have a significant role in making those happen. We are already in.

However, the talents we desire as our employees have no part yet in what we do. We are not automatically relevant to them. If we continue to talk about us in our marketing & employer branding messages, we fail. Our ideal talents will continue to overtake us on the highway of marketing messages in the search of a solution to their career & work life problems.

It’s not about us, it’s about them and what we can talk about that is truly relevant and valuable for them.

This podcast episode addresses the following topics:

  • What is the major paradigm shift in employer branding?
  • Understanding the difference between employer branding and recruitment marketing
  • Why it’s not about you, and what you love, but about them and what is relevant to them
  • How the Candidate Journey of the Information Era connects with modern employer branding
  • Why modern employer branding starts way before your ideal talents turn into active job seekers


Length of this episode: 56:19 min

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