Introducing the modern Magnetic Employer Branding Method [podcast #3]

Building a modern employer brand podcast by Susanna Rantanen The modern employer branding method

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I’m going to introduce you the key elements of the modern employer branding method I have developed.

The first episode introduced the ideology behind my modern employer branding -thinking. If you didn’t listen to it yet, I strongly recommend to catch up.

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method

The digitalization, including the arrival of social media and social media marketing, has impacted how we get our messages across to our target audiences in the most radical manner.

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method invites ideal talents into a Candidate Journey with our company with the use of consistent, strategically planned content marketing relevant to our target audiences.

The Candidate Journey of the Information Era captures the essence of this method

When most talent marketing tends to be advertising campaigns with a short term focus, this method offers a long term and continuous act of marketing to build an employer brand that captures the hearts of your ideal talents internally and externally.

The Candidate Journey emphasizes the importance of continuity:

  • When we invite a talent into a journey, we first must win their attention.
  • Once we have repeatedly won their attention and interest, we can proceed to the phase of building awareness.
  • When our audience is aware enough of what we represent, some of them are likely to become fond of and relate to our messages more and more. This is what we call the actual employer branding -phase, the affinity-phase.
  • As the affinity of our ideal talents grows, eventually they are likely to want to learn about our employment opportunities and then, convert into leads (open applications) for recruitment.

By pursuing this conversion through the candidate journey, we are likely to find better matching leads for our future hiring needs.

This podcast episode addresses the following topics:

  • Key elements of the modern Magnetic Employer Branding Method
  • Brief look into how marketing has changed
  • The difference is in the objective of the employer branding work
  • How the Candidate Journey connects with the method
  • What you need to successfully start modern employer branding
  • What will success look like when you commit into consistent modern employer branding


Length of this episode: 36:20 min

This article was updated 17 October, 2020 with the updated name for the Method.

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