How to avoid making a recruitment video that fails to deliver [podcast #48]

#48 Why so many recruitment videos fail to deliver -Building a modern employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

Is recruitment video something you plan to get done to help you with your talent aqcuisition?

Or maybe you are a video producer selling videos for recruitment and employer branding purposes.

In either case, did you know that most recruitment video fail to deliver value to talent acquisition because the video does not make a point to the audience?

The purpose of a recruitment video

It is pretty simple, isn’t it?

The purpose of a recruitment video is to communicate key reasons why a job seeker should choose this particular employer, and then call action on sending an application.

A recruitment video that does not inspire the video watcher to take action immediately after watching the video fails to deliver.

As we know, video production is pretty pricey. We would not want to waste our talent marketing budget on something that does not work.

Would your boss be willing to give you more money if they thought you are not able to make sound purchase decisions on the behalf of the company?

The purpose of a recruitment video is to deliver quality leads to the recruitment process. This can be tracked and measured from start to finish making it easy for you to learn whether your videos are actually delivering you value or not.

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Why the production of company videos often fail?

The key reasons to failure are:

  • The video did not make a clear enough point.
  • There was no storyline that kept the video viewer interested enough to watch the entire video.
  • The video production focused on creating an awesome technical experience, but forgot about the actual message.
  • The video did not call the video watcher to clear action.

How to avoid making another expensive recruitment video that fails to deliver (PDF)

Recruitment video cheat sheet for talent marketing pro pdf

Download this free Cheat Sheet I made for you to help you take ownership of your recruitment video production and avoid making expensive mistakes in the process.

  • What to make sure before you start the video production.
  • The purpose of a script
  • The 4 essential questions your video should answer


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In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I explain why so many recruitment videos fail. After listening to this episode, you will be in a better place to make right decisions about your recruitment videos.

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