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Employer Brand or Talent Brand Manager

managing a talent marketer team and employer brand perceptions.


“Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you’re [your brand] not. The rest of it is just a lot of noise.”

– Geoffrey Zakarian


You could be an/a

Employer Brand Manager

Talent Brand Manager

Chief Talent Marketing Officer

People Brand and Culture Manager

and the head of the entire team of talent marketers!

Based on your Quiz results, I can see that your ability to take an ownership of the employer brand is a definite an asset in..


Achieving a coherent employer brand experience throughout the Candidate and Employee Journeys.

Getting all of your employer brand stakeholders together to work for your employer brand vision.

Managing the execution of your employer brand strategy and results.

The flipside is..

for you to manage your employer / talent brand you need..

A sound employer branding strategy

Employer branding is a long-game. You will get lost without a map pinpointing your milestones, the roads to choose and others to avoid, what success looks like on the way and at the destination and how you plan to keep your travel buddies engaged with your long journey. Learn not to mix employer branding with recruitment marketing to avoid getting lost.

A marketing plan to execute your strategy

Employer brands are built when your target audiences start to form emotional connections towards what your “product called a career at this specific workplace” represent for them. Even though your product needs to be intact, it is the systematic and regular marketing and communication that spreads the word around. And you need an employer brand content marketing plan for that.

A commitment to execute your plan at least weekly

The thing here is that effective employer branding needs a consistent effort and a commitment to executing the content plan. This calls for weekly attention and actions. It doesn’t have to be more than an hour or two a week or 15 minutes a day, but it needs to be weekly. Remember, this is a journey and reaching your direction requires for you to keep moving forward.

The downside to being a modern employer or talent branding pioneer


Employer branding has become a buzz word in the HR and talent acquisition professions.

Many companies are approaching employer branding head first without clarity to what employer branding even really means and what resources result-oriented employer branding requires.

Most employer brand developers are currently feeling overwhelmed and burned out because of the constant requests, wishes and ad hoc needs out of an actual strategic employer brand context.

Luckily you are in the right place!

Your journey to getting control over your employer brand management as an Employer Brand or Talent Brand Manager starts here.


01: Adapt a weekly routine with my podcast

I podcast weekly on Wednesdays about and only about how to build a modern employer brand. Start learning and building your talent marketing and employer branding acumen in bite sizes with me on a weekly basis. Everyone who already listens regularly say my podcast changed the way they think about employer branding.

02: Start outlining the unique features of your "product"

Your product is called “a career at this specific workplace”. What this means is that the product you will be branding needs to be presented as the only viable option for your target talent audiences. Focus on your company and leadership culture, your past and current employee experiences as well as your candidate experiences. Find out your key contribution to helping your employees thrive in their life during their employment with your company.

03: Become a Student at Talent Marketing School

Nobody else is going to look after your professional development but you. Become a student at Talent Marketing School and start building your talent marketing and employer branding acumen online and on-demand with me as your guide. At Talent Marketing School you will be able to develop a comprehensive understanding and gain key skills in building and managing a modern and Magnetic Employer Brand.

Hi, my name is Susanna!

I teach aspiring Modern Talent Marketing Professionals how to build a modern employer brand and create talent marketing content that influences and persuades your ideal talents.

Here are a brief introduction about me to you. I hope to hear yours at some point too!

  • I have a BA (Hons) in International Marketing Management & PR.
  • But I made my career in HR, employer branding and recruitment marketing.
  • For nearly 10 years I worked in-house developing and marketing the product called a great work place.
  • In 2010 I became a software entrepreneur, but quite soon realized I’m not cut out to being a software entrepreneur and seller.
  • My real talent is in developing, building and implementing effective marketing and communication frameworks and models into the modern talent marketing landscape.
  • In early 2011 I developed a recruitment marketing method using social media markering and blogging together to win attention and call relevant job seekers to act. It became a hit on the Finnish market.
  • In 2017 I introduced what became the paradign shift in employer branding, The Magnetic Employer Brandingmethod (Vaikuttava Työnantajabrändi in Finnish).
  • It was this method that earned us the recognition of one of the Top Employer Branding Agencies in Europe in 2020.

Together with my team at Emine, we have used this method already for around 200 business in Finland to influence and impact their target talent audiences in recruitment processes as well as in employer branding.

I’m so passionate about modernizing talent marketing and teaching aspiring talent marketing professionals how to build a modern employer brand with the guidance of this systematic approach and modern marketing method.

I’m so happy that you are here!

If you feel stuck with the chaos and the ad hoc requests for employer branding, I’m here to guide you out of your grunt before you burn out.

At the end, building a modern employer brand in any role is the best job in the world!

Connect with me on my favourite socials!

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