Why social media and talent marketing work so well together [podcast #36]

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Social media and talent marketing go really well together. But to get the most out of social media, the talent marketer must understand what makes social media so special and how to take advantage of what social media offers it’s users.

Why social media and talent marketing go together so well?

There are many great reasons why talent marketing really benefits from social media, but here are some of the key benefits I root for:

  1. Social media is at every one’s reach.
  2. Most members of our talent audiences can be reached on one or more social media.
  3. Basic use of social media is pretty simple and straight forward.
  4. Social media caters for many types of marketing preferences.
  5. You can reach much larger audiences with lesser costs than on any other media.
  6. Social media is ideal for employer branding due to the nature of building engagement.

What social media is best for?

While most talent marketing done on social media is clearly promotional recruitment marketing, social media is actually best for employer branding.

Modern employer branding is about clarifying what the company represents as a business, as a work place, as an employer and as a community of talents. It focuses on stories growing your audiences understanding of your company purpose, how you deliver your customer promise, what makes up the community of talents at your workplace, how your values are being lived on a daily basis and how you, as an employer make your employees’ lives better.

Social media is an excellent platform to portray, manifest and to showcase what it all looks like, sounds like, feels like and results in.

A brand is an outcome of emotions attached to what the brand represents to a person in your audience. Unless you drive those emotions and images into an ideal and truthful direction, your company and employer image might seem very scattered and unclear.

Social media is an ecosystem of platforms based on the idea of people forming social connections and engaging with each other. In other words, the socials or some of them should be used socially, not promotionally to get most value out.

How to get started with employer branding on social media >>

Why this is actually a revelation and a relief for talent marketers?

Creating great advertising is not easy; not creatively, not from copy writing perspective, not technically and not psychologically.

Building social connections and engaging with other humans on a social media platforms is often more natural to us. The rules are the same as when meeting people face-to face outside social media.

Proper talent marketing – the kind of talent marketing that will add value to your business – is really about having conversations with your ideal talent audiences about selected key topics you want your audiences to connect with your business.

If you have the skills and the means to create beautiful and meaningful content, that will be a remarkable bonus, but most employers do not have the means. This does not and should not stop you from using social media to add value to your hiring or employer branding goals and objectives.

What social media is bad for is when we only log in to push our company blog posts and news and dodgy photos and videos that have no clear message and add little to no value to the recipient.

Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast episode #36

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I talk about social media as an excellent platform for all talent marketing. This is an episode that kicks off a series of episodes in which I go into the how’s and whys of social media for talent marketing.

Episode-length: 42:18 min


  • Why social media is great for talent marketing?
  • Did you know that social media is actually an ecosystem?
  • Tips for choosing your social media.

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