What is Employer Brand Management [podcast #69]

Blog #69 Working as an Employer Brand Manager -Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

Employer brand management becomes critical when an organization decides to invest in employer branding.

No organization in their right mind is willing to increase costs and not to expect anything in return.

The employer or talent brand needs someone to manage the perceptions, image, reputation and the budget.

This someone is called employer or talent brand manager.

What is employer brand management?

Employer brand management is about managing the touchpoint that impact how the talent market perceives the company as a place to work.

Examples of touchpoint are:

  • Website and career site.
  • Social media profiles and posts.
  • General tone of voice and presentation of company employees, especially on LinkedIn.
  • Employee and candidate experiences.
  • Recruitment marketing collateral.
  • Recruitment partners.
  • Former employees and the no-thank-you candidates.
  • Subcontractors, freelancers and consultants working with your employees and managers.
  • Even customers and clients may evaluate us as employes.
modern employer branding

The long-game makes employer brand management important

Managing the employer brand is much more critical than managing recruitment marketing because of the nature of employer branding.

Employer branding is a long-game when recruitment marketing tends to be a short and sweet campaign.

The results of professional employer branding build slowly and accrue over time. Unless you know what you are doing and what success looks like, the risk of spending all the available time, effort and budget into wrong tactics is pretty huge.

In recruitment marketing, the campaigns are not more than a few weeks long. Every single application is a direct indication of how your campaign is going. Is the message right, are the marketing channels the right ones?

Get good applicants, you’re campaign is working. Have trouble receiving applications, you’re campaign is not working. Recruitment marketing is pretty straight forward.

Employer branding is not.

Modern employer branding is a forever activity. It is a permanent process in a growth organization. It is not a campaign.

To make it worth for the company to invest in, it needs good management. That’s why employer brand manager benefits from a good strategy and a well-thought plan. Employer branding requires goals and measurable objectives and someone to manage the entire operation.

Talent Marketing Profiles Employer Brand management

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What does an employer brand manager do?

This role is a senior role in which managing the operations, the budgets and the results are key to success. That’s why you can very well excel in this role even if you never were an actual marketing or content creation whiz.

As an employer brand manager, you manage the execution of your employer brand strategy and lead the team who are responsible for the day-to-day activities set out in your strategic plan.

In smaller companies, or with smaller budgets, the employer brand manager may as well make the entire team. In that case, you’ll need to know how to split your time between managing your employer brand results and executing your employer branding plan.

Listen to episode #69 of the Building of a Modern Employer Brand podcast

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, we’ll talk about the employer brand team leader’s role. This is the role that comes with the title of an Employer or Talent Brand Manager.

  • What is employer brand management?
  • What does an employer brand manager do?
  • How does success look like in the role of a talent brand manager?
  • What skills or experience are required to succeed in this role?

Episode-length:  17:29 min

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