How HR can use the company blog in talent marketing [podcast #26]

Using the company blog content in talent marketing

Company blog can still be an extremely valuable asset for talent marketing and HR. I’m saying “still” as in, albeit all social media content and tricks we have been blessed with these days.

A company blog that is full of value-add content is what I’m talking about. This does not apply to posts about company news and current affairs. Even though those are important to us as their publishers, company news very seldom provide anything relevant and value-add to our external audiences.

Company blog as a talent marketing platform

Good content marketing is highly under-utilized in employer branding and recruitment marketing. Company blog continues to the best platform for content, because it is our own landscape. We benefit from driving traffic from other media and sources to our own landscape, our website.

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Many HR ignore the company blog because they mistakenly believe the expertise content is not valuable in talent marketing. But in fact, the expertise content is even more valuable in talent marketing than any career related company content you may have..

Many HR ignore the company blog also because they don’t know what to blog about. But HR does not even have to be the one who blogs.

If there are already good blog content available, HR can simply take advantage of it and share it.

If there are no content or not the kind of content useful in talent marketing and employer branding, HR can be the one to initiate and coordinate the production of expertise content. In this case, you will need a person who is good in writing, a person who has the expertise and a person who knows how to post a blog content on your website.

How HR can take advantage of the company blog content

Using existing content in recruitment marketing

There is only so much we can write into the job post. But job seekers often want to learn much more. And the more senior the job seeker is, the more they want to understand about the level of expertise your business has. Blogging allows us to showcase our expertise when we share our experiences, opinions and tips about specific topics.

  • Attach a relevant blog post to the job post and call the job seeker to check out the blog content.
  • Use the blog post as marketing content and add a link to the job post. This is a great way to get attention to your opening from passive job seekers who are more unlikely to pay attention to your job posts.

Using the company blog as a learning platform for the people working in your industry

Let’s say, your company hires a lot of accountants. Your blog could be a media where people working in the accountancy world come to learn more for example about:

  • how digitalization is changing the industry and the work of accountants
  • trends and discoveries relating to the accountancy industry and work
  • how businesses are using technology in their financial departments
  • what kind of support businesses expect from accountants
  • and about anything that can help accountants build their professional acumen

This does not only help you to grow awareness about what you represent as a place of work. Such content marketing helps you to grow awareness about what your company represents and offers. When we help our industry to learn, we become an important reference and source of knowledge for our industry. This is excellent for branding!

Why company blogs are so valuable for the business

Well written, value-add content continue to be very popular among web users. A great blog can add incredible marketing value for the company. 

Talents tend to prefer companies where they can expect to learn and develop their skills. An active expertise blog will attract talents with a development orientation. The more they will find your content professionally valuable, the more they want to return to your blog.

And then one day when they are ready to change jobs, they are likely to remember your company.

Consistent blogging is the only way to drive regular traffic to your website. And the more visitors your website has, the more value your website will be able to generate to your business. That’s key in digital marketing.

Using the company blog content in talent marketing  | Building the modern employer brand podcast

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand, I talk about how HR can take advantage of the company blog for talent marketing purposes.

? The company blog as a talent marketing platform
? How HR can take advantage of the company blog content

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