Email marketing software is the safest and most effective way to do email marketing. And it is a totally under-used opportunity in recruitment marketing and employer branding.

Since social media algorithms stopped promoting organically our linked content, we have needed another media for building an audience and driving traffic to our career content.

Email marketing is a perfect solution for this, and best managed with an email marketing tool.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software enables you to design, send and track marketing emails sent to your list of email subscribers.

These platforms are designed for managing your email contact lists and crafting, automating and tracking your marketing emails.

Probably the most well known email marketing software are Hubspot and Mailchimp and both come with a basic free plan.

We use Mailerlite at my employer branding agency. We like it a lot because the marketing automation software is simple and easy to use.

Your marketing team is likely to already use an email marketing software in which case you use that too.

Who do you send marketing emails to?

In talent marketing, your email subscribers are likely to be:

  • current employees
  • former employees (alumni)
  • applicants and candidates
  • active job seekers
  • relevant passive job seekers nurtured until they convert to active job seekers

Why you need an email marketing tool?

Sending a marketing email to someone needs a consent in most parts of the world.

In Europe, we have the toughest data protection and privacy law (GDPR) and there can be quite significant penalties for companies who fail to comply with this law.

Using a GDPR proofed email marketing software is important so that you don’t have to worry about breaking any laws.

Key benefits of using an email marketing system

  • Email marketing systems allow you to send emails to larger groups of recipients. If you use your work email for mass emails, your email provider might block your account for spamming!
  • These platforms come with the sign up or subscribe -forms that you can place on your career site for building your email list. These are incremental in email marketing because who do you send your email if you haven’t got an email list?
  • With a system like this, you get access to many email templates and design suggestions which makes your email appearance way more professional!
  • Managing your email contacts is way easier and safer because the system lets people to unsubsribe anytime they wish leaving you more carefree to know you are not emailing anyone who no longer wants your emails.
  • Tracking who opened, read and clicked links give you insight of preferred types of content and an indication of warmer talent leads.

Best email marketing services for small talent marketing teams

Here are a few links to blog posts listing the best email marketing tools and services:

Remember, email marketing is one option in your employer branding and/or recruitment marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be an addition on a top of everything else you already do. It can also replace some less effective forms or marketing and communication you do.

Email marketing is a really powerful form of marketing and when done well, a great tool to convert your email list members into recruitment applicants for example.

Check out my podcast episode 112 available on April 27th, 2022.

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