I wasn’t a big fan of the Facebook Creator Studio before. But over the summer, as I started yet with another Instagram account for business purposes, I managed to raise up some anxiety over how we should manage all the accounts we operate.

We’ve been avid Buffer users at my agency Emine for a long time. But the challenge with Buffer is that you cannot upload carousel posts on Instagram. And for example the Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast -episode posts are all carousel posts.

This meant I manually upload episode-posts on Instagram without the ability to schedule upfront and plan ahead. Not to even mention how annoying it is to type in long-form captions on the Instagram app.

Then I took MeetEdgar for a test spin we are currently on. But posting carousel-posts on Instagram via the desktop app is not possible on this one either. Even though it kind of mistakenly promises so.

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

For the longest time I simply avoided the Creator Studio because it just wasn’t doing it for me. Then, I listened to this podcast-episode of Social Media Examiner’s podcast in which Mari Smith explained all the recent changes Facebook has made on the Creator Studio. And I got excited again!

Facebook Creator Studio is Facebook’s own social media management tool covering Facebook and Instagram. It is like any social media management third-party tool or app, but obviously better, because it has features Facebook has not given to any third party apps.

  • You have both desktop and mobile app versions.
  • You can create, manage, repurposes and cross share your content.
  • You can track performance and even engage with your audiences in the Creator Studio.

What I really find interesting is the ability to do this all from desktop. Managing social media content marketing from the mobile app or native Facebook or Instagram can be irritating because of the smaller screen and keyboard.

Literally, this means you can get rid of all your paid third-party apps and start using Creator Studio (it’s free) when it comes to managing your Facebook and Instagram marketing.

The difference between Creator Studio, Business Manager and Ads Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager for?

Basically Business Manager is the tool you manage the user rights, business identity information, set your credit cards for billing on all your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

As an agency, when we get access to our clients’ Facebook and Instagram accounts, they often grant us the access via their Business Manager. This way they don’t have to share their actual usernames and passwords with us.

Business Manager’s real value-add is offered only when handling multiple accounts. If you only run one account, like your company page on Facebook and a company profile on Instagram, and it is literally operated by single or maybe couple of people, using Business Manager might be pretty heavy.

Hootsuite blog has a step by step guide to using Business Manager >>

What is Ads Manager?

Facebook’s Ad Manager is for creating and managing advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Network. If you do or plan to do Facebook advertising campaigns properly, you will need to use the Ads Manager.

You can do advertising campaigns covering the all three domains: Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network, or create individual campaigns for example to Instagram Stories.

In addition to creating and managing your campaign, you also get your campaign performance data from the ads manager.

And if you need to get the campaign invoices to your accountant, you can discover and download them as PDF’s from the Billing section on the Ads Manager.

This Buffer Blog gives you additional info about how to use the Ads Manager >>

Facebook Creator Studio is a social media management tool

Screenshot - Creator Studio content library posts for MEB

This leaves the Creator Studio as your go-to social media management tool for all your content creation, publishing and managing. In other words, it replaces any other third-party app you might use and pay for to publish and manage content on Facebook and Instagram. And if you are not using any tools at all, but creating and publishing content regularly directly on the apps, Creator Studio might add value to your work It’s worth checking out!

I think this Youtube video explains the basics of using Creator Studio for you >>

Where am I now with my new found interest for the Creator Studio?

At the time of writing this post, I’ve only just set up the Creator Studio for the Modern Employer Brand -page on Facebook, the Building a Modern Employer Brand -group on Facebook, the new @talentmarketingpro page on Facebook, the @hr_podcast account on Instagram as well as the new @talentmarketingpro account on Instagram.

These accounts are all fairly new and have been poorly mishandled due to limited resources from my part. I have been looking for and testing many ways and apps to make the management of the accounts easier and less time consuming for me. Without much luck. So I’m going to take the new Creator Studio for a test spin and hope all my troubles will soon be washed away!

Social media can be such a benefit for any business in terms of marketing and branding, but you must use them right. Otherwise it’s nothing but a wasted time. And that’s a cost, not an investment.

Most of my ( and my team’s time) goes into helping our client’s to succeed on social media (for talent marketing and employer branding purposes), so you never have time to manage properly your own social media. Any tool that can save up your time is a gem!

Why most companies fail on social media >>

Will keep you posted on my experiences, if you’re interested!

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