A professional talent marketer works to build awareness, create demand, and convert target talents into prospects, leads, and applicants.

He or she does the same to workplaces and careers than their colleagues at business marketing and communication do to products and services.

While recruitment-related marketing is no longer a new practice, there is a lot more to talent marketing than just recruitment campaigns.

The talent marketing we represent here at Emine and how I teach it is, in fact, a new practice. That’s why we call it “modern.”

What makes modern talent marketing different from the more traditional?

I can quickly summarize the key differences as the following:

  • A more comprehensive range of strategies & tactics available to solve talent-related challenges with marketing and communication.
  • Making a strategic and operative distinction between passive and active job seeker audiences.
  • Applying data-driven methods to deliver measurable results.

What is a professional talent marketer?

A “professional” is a person who earns a living from a specific trade or craft as opposed to practicing it as a hobby. 

Think, for example, of a professional athlete instead of someone practicing and playing just for fun. 

To become a professional, you have received thorough training and education to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform professionally. 

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Becoming a professional is not only about learning the skills of the trade

However, professional conduct is not just about learning the technical skills of the trade. 

  • A professional expresses competence and reliability to earn the right to charge for their knowledge.
  • The more competent and reliable someone seems to be, the more they are likely to charge.
  • A business-minded professional keeps their knowhow updated and works to improve their competence and reliability to get better professional opportunities.

It takes years of experience and many failures to learn from to achieve high levels of professional acumen. The good news is: if you are willing to work for it, there are plenty of opportunities to learn.

And in today’s society, you can accelerate it with what is known as personal branding

A professional has empathy and knows how to make a diagnosis to suggest the right solution

Imagine yourself at a doctor’s appointment.

  • You have a concern and you are looking for a consultation.
  • You expect to be met with empathy.
  • You expect the professional to ask you relevant questions to map out your concern. 

After this, you should get a diagnosis and a plan what to do to get well.

If the professional fails in this process, some of the reliability and competence fades away. You are no longer sure if you can trust this person to solve whatever was the problem. That’s why some people go for a second opinion.

Not all problems are easy to solve or even diagnose. The same applies to talent marketing.

That’s why continuous learning is a key.

How to become better in talent marketing?

As talent marketing is a new profession, there are not a great deal of information available.

What you need to do is become a bit of a detective.

Keywords such as these can get you to the right tracks:

  • recruitment marketing
  • talent acquisition marketing
  • employer branding
  • talent marketing
  • talent branding

Furthermore, I highly recommend studying both corporate and consumer marketing as well as business communication. When you figure out what tickles your fancy, then go deeper in that specific area.

For example I became greatly driven and devoted in cracking the code how to influence others with words and visuals. This led me into studying about persuasion and influence.

I enjoy following and analyzing for example what the known influencer marketers do on Instagram. Social media can be a great source to track and trace what works and what doesn’t.

If you practice talent marketing even as part time or occasionally, make sure to use analytics to detect what worked and what did not.

Asking and getting feedback from your colleagues, candidates or clients gives you a great opportunity to develop your professional acumen.

Did you know my team and I are building a Talent Marketing School to teach on-demand modern talent marketing and employer branding skills and knowhow to aspiring talent marketing professionals?

Check out this page to learn more and join the waitlist. We launch early 2021.

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