What exactly makes you Top Talent of the digital age? [podcast #24]

What exactly makes a top talent in the digital age? Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast by Susanna Rantanen

Do you consider yourself a top talent? Or would you want to be seen as one?

It is pretty incredible how the expectations and requirements for top talents have changed during the digital age.

Many employers may not realize this at the time they write job posts. But they tend to figure it out by the time they make the hiring decision.

Expectations expand wider than skills and past experiences. The key areas, in my opinion are:

  • The expectation for a talent to invest their personal time into keeping their professional market value up.
  • Examples how a talent can apply “old” skills in the new world.
  • Ability to flourish in change – and lead others through the change.
  • The attitude of “I’ll fix this”.

If you are looking to make career changes, why not listen to this episode. I’m pretty sure you will get a tip or two what to emphasize in your own profile as a top talent in the digital age.

“The top talent -profile is now different”

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast I talk about what makes a top talent in the digital age. Not only has the digitalization changed quite a few traditional roles, but certain characteristics flourish in change.

The episode content:

  • What is digital talent?
  • Examples of traditional roles digitalization has changed completely.
  • What exactly are the new skills and traits of digital talent?
  • Why are we in such desperate demand of digital talents?

Episode-length: 30:54 min

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