Three key reasons why you are not getting applications [podcast #65]

Applications and hiring

Getting applications, especially those you call a good match with your expectations is hard. Even the more well known employers have their share of hiring challenges, believe me!

There are however a couple of reasons why are not getting the applicants we desire into our recruitment processes. Consistently, I might add. I explain the three most common reasons in this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast. Listening links available at the bottom of this blog post.

How to put a stop to the lack of quality applications

You’ve recognized a problem in your talent acquisition. You repeatedly fail to get quality applicants to your process.

Without applicants matching your expectations, your recruitment process is unable to succeed as expected. What happens is your business needs to do compromises in hiring. That’s never a good thing.

It is kind of like digging a hole for yourself at the beginning of the process only to step on it sometime in the future.

You of course want to know how to put a stop to reoccurring hiring problems.

The single most important learning for me was when I realized our ideal applicants have zero interest in our hiring need. The only thing any talent is ever concerned about when it comes to their career is how to meet their own expectations in the most convenient way for them.

What this means is that if you regularly feel your hiring is hard, it is hard because you are too concerned about you when the real solution is in them.

Your hiring will continue to be a heartache as long as your company is concerned about your needs, wants and requirements. The minute you start thinking about your ideal applicants and what is it they are looking for, you are on warming tracks.

That’s how you start putting a stop to repeating hiring failures, challenges or problems, whatever you call them.

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What you say and how you say it on the job post can be seen in applications received

Too many companies overlook the purpose of the job post.

First of all, it is a marketing message that needs to hit the radar of the ideal applicants for the role.

If you fail to see interesting enough applications, it is probably due to what you wrote in your job post. What you give is what you get.

Imagine if you saw a marketing message for a product or a service in which the seller was describing what they are short of (cashflow and customers) and what expectations they have for you as a prospective customer?

Every job post is a marketing message with the purpose of convincing the ideal applicants to consider taking their precious time and giving it to you.

And not just that, but their expectations were a long list of requirements about you.

Yes, about what your background needs to be like. What you needed to know to be able to even use this product or service.

You’d be like get out of here!

Every job post is a marketing message with the purpose of convincing the ideal applicants to consider taking their precious time and giving it to you in the form of a job application.

Which talent marketing pro profile are you

A couple things you probably need to change in your recruitment communication:

  • What you actually promote.
  • How you word your message.
  • In which order you present your message.

Let’s go back to that idea of looking at a marketing message to help sell a product or a service crafted like a job post.

A good marketing message focuses on promoting the unique benefits of the product or service in question.

  • What is your offer to start with?
  • What are the unique benefits of your offer?
  • Why would your ideal applicant consider your recruitment process and role over other available roles and processes?

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What you need to do to start repeating success in recruiting

When you reverse your hiring problematics, you stop focusing so much on what you need to achieve, as in fill in the role with your ideal applicant. Nobody is interested in your need but you. I’m sorry to say it out loud but that’s the truth.

As you want to win the attention and engage your ideal applicants to your process, you need to focus on solving the work-to-life riddle pressing your ideal applicants to make career changes. Episode 64 and the blog post open up this for you

Your job post needs to clearly present how this role and starting a career in your organization will help resolve the pressing reason to make career changes. It may seem like a hard thing to figure out but it’s not. This blog and my podcast keep teaching you for free how to figure this out. All you need to do is commit to making changes to your existing routines, messages and way to hire.

To get started:
  • Stop promoting your hiring need. Start promoting your resolution to your ideal applicants work-to-life riddle.
  • Pay attention to how you word and structure your job post. People browse. Your key messages must be evident in your heading and subtitles.
  • Expect, require and demand less.
  • Clarify what unique value a career in your company will offer in the short and long term. Think of this as “how does en employment in our company contribute to a better life today and in the future”.

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  1. Thanks for These are the things that must be kept in mind before posting any job detail as it will determine the type of candidates applying for the job.

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