The product called Unique Employee Experiences in your company [podcast #66]

#66 The product called Unique Employee Experiences in your company

Employee experiences are as important signs of quality as are customer experiences.

Just the same customers are not buying a product or a service but the experiences that come with it, talents are not choosing their next workplace based on the job title.

Yet, the job title is literally what most companies promote in their recruitment marketing.

Employee experiences at the core of your modern employer brand

You are no stranger to employee experiences, of course not. But have you ever thought about the significance of each and every employee experience your people have about working in your company?

Even though employers measure a whole lot, how much do we dig into the many experiences and their role in differentiating your organization from your competitors? Not that much, I believe.

We should.

How our employees experience working with us, for us and delivering our customer promise make up our unique offer as a place to work. No other company is able to offer the same employee experiences than us. Nothing differentiates us better as the unique experiences we are able to offer to our employees.

That’s why employee experiences together with your strategic company culture make up the foundation for your modern and magnetic employer brand.

Instead of putting so much emphasis on marketing the same job titles and descriptions our competitors do, why not focus on promoting those elements that form the unique and authentic make up of your company culture and how your employees feel about working in your company.

How to use your employee experiences and become a talent Magnet >>

What is the employee experience?

First of all, an employee experience is the over all experience an individual employed currently or formerly has or has had about working in your organization.

What drives the overall experience is unique to each of us and independent to our personal preferences and likings. As an employer, you want to understand what are the experiences that seem to get a lot of positive or negative attention from your employees.

The experiences of our people are formed by multiple of elements from the most obvious ones being the working atmosphere, leadership culture and relationships with colleagues.

But other factors impact employee experiences as well, such as:

  • Clarity of job related expectations and feedback
  • Diversity, fair and equal treatment
  • Working tools that actually work instead of making life a misery!
  • The balance between personal life and work
  • Career prospects in this company
  • How customers treat employees
  • The available resources to do a great job

I created an entire table of sources of experience that all impact our image, reputation and how we are seen as a place to work. You can click the image to opt-in and download it as a free PDF.

Download a FREE PDF covering the Four Types of Experiences impacting the Employer Brand >>

employee experiences
Click image to opt-in for a PDF download

What you get from this PDF is a vast list of factors to help you identify together with your people what are those sources of experience that feel unique and very meaningful to your employees.

Take that information and use it as the basis for your employer brand and clarifying what are the Unique Employee Experiences in your organization.

Other types of experiences impacting the general employer image, reputation and even the brand

In addition to employee experiences, there are three other types of experiences impacting our employer image, reputation and our attractiveness as a place to work. Those are:

  • General public’s experiences
  • Candidate experiences
  • Subcontractor / freelancer / consultant experiences

An employee experience regardless of what type of a contract we have or whether we are just considering an organization as a place to work are all very relevant in modern employer branding.

More and more organizations are collaborating with partners, freelancers and consultants in addition to subcontractors. All of these people will experience the organization also from an employer perspective. How well would you say your organization is in managing the first-hand experiences of other professionals contributing to your business but not as your full time employee?

Download a FREE PDF covering the Four Types of Experiences impacting the Employer Brand >>

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  1. A positive employee experience is more than just a decent place to work. It is a key to building greater levels of engagement, enthusiasm and employer brand commitment within organization. Thanks for sharing this great blog.

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