Have you got your talent marketing funnel planned out for your employer brand yet?

Modern Employer Branding is all about being systematic, consistent and strategic in your employer branding efforts.

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ I developed utilizes your career site, chosen social media and content marketing to win attention, grow awareness, build affinity and convert employer branding value back to the company.

What is a talent marketing funnel?

Think of a hollow cone used to pour liquid to a bottle through a narrow gap. Without the cone, most of the liquid is likely to splatter all over the place.

Marketing people call a funnel the process they use marketing and advertising to guide a potential buyer to a favorable purchase decision. The steps in the process are:

  • becoming aware
  • getting interested in knowing more
  • followed by starting to desire the subject
  • to finally taking the purchase action

Similarly, your target talent audiences go through the process of becoming aware to considering various options before they are ready to make a decision about your company as a place to work.

What does a talent marketing funnel look like?

Talent marketing funnel is a plan how you use talent marketing and communication to guide your relevant target audiences through those behavioral steps in order to get them to make desirable decisions for you.

We can use a mix of communication, marketing, promotions and branding to direct our target audiences into decisions favorable to our organization.

This mix consists of chosen:

  • marketing messages
  • variety of content types from text to audio visual
  • actions and activities from promotions to events
  • mix of marketing media from your career site to job boards, social media, recruitment fairs and so on
  • goals that make the time, effort and money invested in the process worth to your business

I designed a talent marketing funnel I named the Candidate Journey of the Information Era™️.

It visualizes you the mandatory steps your talent marketing strategy such as your employer branding strategy must include for your talent marketing to return maximum value back to your company.

Candidate Journey of the Information Era designed by Susanna Rantanen

The benefits of working with a talent marketing funnel

Having your talent marketing funnel set up for you helps you to plan and optimize your talent marketing activities day-to-day.

The Candidate Journey of the Information Era™️ is a great framework for you to plan and execute your modern employer brand in line with your audience’s likely behavior. I teach how to apply it in modern employer branding at Talent Marketing School.

When you focus your resources more efficiently and optimize your actions in the talent marketing funnel you are likely get your best possible employer branding results.

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