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You are a…

Digital Talent Marketing Manager


“The modern marketer is an experimenter, a lover of data, a content creator, a justifier of ROI”.

– Kim Walsh


You could be a

Digital and social media manager

Social media strategist

Digital marketing analyst

Talent growth marketer


Inbound recruitment marketer

in the talent marketing team!

If online was the ocean and all the marketing tech and apps were ships, you’d be the captain of the winning ship in this Ocean Race!

Based on your Quiz results, I can see that you being so tech-savvy will be a definite an asset in..


Driving traffic effectively into the job posts and career site.

Measuring, analyzing and optimizing your talent marketing performance.

Using marketing technology to help drive talent marketing results, KPI’s and ROI.

Truth Bomb..

You cannot steer the digital ship if..

Your employer branding lacks goals

Even though you want to drive the results and optimize your talent marketing and employer branding efforts, you cannot unless you know what success should look like. What you need is an employer branding strategy or even just researched goals and objectives to give you a destination to sail to.

There is no content to market

You are unable to create effective short-term campaigns and nurture talents on their Candidate Journey of the Information Era with your company without content. A sound employer brand strategy outlines the employer brand content marketing plan for coherent content production and marketing.

There are no landing sites

Your career site with all of its sub-pages is your own real estate. Systematic employer brand marketing uses multiple landing sites to drive traffic to with your digital and social media marketing. Again, your employer branding strategy is the starting point for the process of getting your employer brand marketing organized.

The downside to being a digital talent marketing pioneer


Your digital ship is sailing way ahead in the talent marketing horizon when others are just wondering about all the ropes.

That’s why you might feel a little impatient waiting for the rest to catch up.

Luckily you are in the right place!

Your journey to becoming a Digital Talent Marketing expert starts here!


01: Adapt a weekly routine with my podcast

I podcast weekly on Wednesdays about and only about how to build a modern employer brand. Start learning and building your talent marketing and employer branding acumen in bite sizes with me on a weekly basis. I’m pretty confident soon you will be able to start contributing first to those missing elements required to set your talent marketing vessel firmly on it’s way!

02: Start building an online audience for your employer brand

As you know, acing digital marketing requires setting and building target audiences online. Interview your talent acquisition and actively hiring team leaders to gain understanding who make up your company’s target audience. When you eventually start the actual marketing, you already have your audiences set up.

03: Become a Student at Talent Marketing School

There has never before been a better time to start building a career in talent marketing and employer branding. Start prioritizing You and your career. Invest in your own development and get on witj building your talent marketing and employer branding skills and acumen online and on-demand at Talent Marketing School.

Hi, my name is Susanna!

I teach aspiring Modern Talent Marketing Professionals how to build a modern employer brand and create talent marketing content that influences and persuades your ideal talents.

For nearly 10 years I worked in-house developing and marketing the product called a great work place.

In 2010 I became a software entrepreneur, but quite soon reealized my real talent is in developing, building and implementing effective marketing and communication frameworks and models into today known as the talent marketing landscape.

I started with developing a content marketing framework for recruitment marketing. It became a hugely successful element in our clients’ recruitment processes.

Then I moved on building what became the paradign shift in employer branding, The Magnetic Employer Branding method (Vaikuttava Työnantajabrändi in Finnish).

We have helped close to 200 business in Finland with this method to influence and impact their target talent audiences both during recruitment processes as well as in the actual modern employer branding.

But already as a kid I played school teachers with my cousin. I have always enjoyed the teaching part of my job the most. And finally, I am helping aspiring talent marketing professionals like yourself to learn the skills, the tactics and the strategies of building The Magnetic Employer Brand.

I’m so happy that you are here! If you feel stuck with the chaos and the ad hoc requests for employer branding, I’m here to guide you out of your grunt before you burn out.

At the end, building a modern employer brand in any role is the best job in the world!

Connect with me on my favourite socials!

LINKEDIN | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM CLUBHOUSE (you gotta be in to connect)


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