Case: Organic Instagram recruitment marketing campaign results, part 2 [podcast #94]

#94 Case Organic recruitment marketing campaign results on Instagram, part 2 - Building a modern, magnetic employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

What results can you expect from an organic recruitment marketing campaign on Instagram?

That of course depends on the size of your audience, how well your audience matches with your hiring profile and how you use Instagram as a recruitment marketing platform – organically.

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast I share our organic recruitment marketing campaign results with you.

If you don’t want to miss how we used Instagram organically in this recruitment marketing campaign, then check out part 1 (episode 93) as well.

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Organic recruitment marketing campaign results on Instagram

For the metrics we used to make any sense to you, knowing the goals and objectives for the campaign is necessary.

Never start with metrics. Always decide what your campaign needs to achieve by setting your goals and objectives first. Your goals and objectives will then tell you what you need to measure to know whether your campaign was successful or not.

Check out what exactly we did during this recruitment marketing campaign >>

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Our main goals for this organic recruitment marketing campaign were:

  • Expand our active employer brand audience by going public with this recruitment. We normally hire from our talent pool and never market our recruitment processes.
  • Convince our employer brand followers to consider us with this unique publicly available opportunity.
  • Convert really relevant prospects into job applicants for this recruitment process.

In addition to these key goals, we had a few additional other objectives:

  • Convert relevant LinkedIn followers as our followers on Instagram simply because Instagram is a better employer branding platform for company accounts.
  • Improve our Instagram reach and impact.
  • Increase our employer brand affinity.
  • Showcase our talent marketing skills and acumen to our clients and prospective new clients.

Some of the organic results achieved on Instagram

  • 670 % increase in reach
  • 1648 % reach in non-followers. That’s 15 times more than we normally achieve.
  • 569 % increase in impressions
  • 294 % increase in profile visits

Get the whole story from this podcast episode!

Listen to episode 94 in the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

In this episode:

  • The Instagram campaign results.
  • The LinkedIn results (we used LinkedIn organically to drive target audiences to our Instagram account).

Organic LinkedIn recruitment marketing results

Much of our audience follows us on LinkedIn so we decided to use LinkedIn as a platform to drive the relevant target audience for this role from LinkedIn to our Instagram account.

The controlling idea for our LinkedIn recruitment marketing activities was to grow awareness of the vacancy and the recruitment marketing process on Instagram to get interested members in the audience to join us on Instagram.

Each post had a call to action to Instagram with a teaser of our activities there in order to remind what you are missing out on unless you start following us on Instagram.

Organic LinkedIn recruitment marketing campaign results

LinkedIn Analytics tool can’t quite compare with the Instagram tool. The available data is unfortunately much more limited on LinkedIn than on Instagram or Facebook. Also, we used our team members’ personal profiles actively as well but did not collect the data from those.

  • 332% increase in unique visitors to our company LinkedIn profile 
  • 443% increase in post impressions
  • 250% increase in custom button links
  • 140 new relevant followers

Results from the paid Instagram Stories Campaign

We did not advertise this role at all on any job boards. We did have a total of 200 € budget for LinkedIn and Instagram Stories advertising to drive traffic to our career site, however, we stopped the LinkedIn campaign after a few days because there was a technical jab and we couldn’t get it fixed.

Our Instagram Stories ad budget was 100 € and we achieved 177 link clicks between 9-21st November the campaign was active.

  • campaign reach 6,065
  • impressions 12 561
  • cost per result 0,65 € (the objective was conversions to our career site)

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