Choosing talent target audiences for employer branding? Avoid these 2 mistakes [podcast #84]

Building a modern employer brand podcast episode 84 header with Susanna Rantanen

Are you choosing talent target audiences for employer branding? Make sure you avoid these two of the most common mistakes:

  1. Mistaking your recruitment profiles as target audiences for your strategic employer branding.
  2. Including just about everyone you hire and employe as your target audiences.

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast I share with you what these two most common mistakes are and why you need to avoid making these mistakes in your employer branding.

Why choosing talent target audiences in employer branding can be hard?

Most employer branding practitioners hail from talent acquisition or HR. In both of those acumen, we are used to profiling talents based on their education, skills and prior experiences in order to craft a role description and a job profile.

In the line of work for HR and hiring, the more specific you can be about your hiring need, the purpose of that role and the expectations set out for that role in time, the better chances you have in filling the vacancy.

Employer Branding is different. When hiring is about filling a very specific position right now, employer branding is about building a unique and compelling talent market position to achieve competitive advantage for the business.

The long-game nature of employer branding forces you to think about the future of your company and business. What kind of an employer brand will create competitive advantage for your organization in the years to come?

To succeed in this, you need to become strategic with employer branding. And one of the key characteristics of becoming strategic is learning to make strategic decisions. Being selective who makes it as your target audiences for employer branding is part of being strategic.

Choosing your target audiences for employer branding becomes hard when you confuse the act of employer branding with recruiting.

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Listen to episode 84 “Choosing target audiences for employer branding, two mistakes to avoid.”

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