Why you need to get your key message right in talent marketing [podcast #82]

All talent marketing must begin with a clear message. If you fail to make your point, your message becomes ineffective. No amount of marketing budget is going to save an unclear message.

Learn how to become a great communicator and use your messaging skills in all of your employer branding and other talent marketing messaging.

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What is a key message?

Don’t confuse your entire text or the advert as your primary message. In every piece of marketing and communication collateral, be it your job post or the texts on your career site or a social media post, you must have the central point you want the message to make.

That’s the key message.

This controlling idea is what your audience needs to get from your message. And the more clear it is, the more impact your message will have on your audience.

Without a clear message, your communication fails.

The purpose of the key message

When you think about your key message, think about what your message needs to achieve. What do you want the audience to think and do as a result of seeing your message?

Unfortunately, most people writing talent marketing messages are seemingly lazy and unbothered about making a point. We don’t stop enough to think about why should anyone bother to stop and read this message.

The purpose of the key message is to clarify who is this message for, what they need to do when they get it and then, get them to actually do it.

Marketing analytics speak the harsh truth. You can try a clickbait headline and get clicks. But if those clicks lead to nothing, you are wasting your time and maybe even your talent marketing budget.

Unclear messaging leads to talent marketing failure

What happens when your message is unclear?

The recipient becomes confused.

If your audience is confused about your message, they simply leave. If your job post gets a lot of clicks but fails to deliver the number of applications you expected, your message failed to make a point.

There is no skill more important in employer branding and other talent marketing than knowing how to communicate your point.

What is Talent PR & Communication?

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Listen to episode #82 of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast I share with you why success in talent marketing begins with knowing how to clarify your message. If you don’t learn how to clarify your message, your talent marketing will fail to deliver.

Episode-length: 25:32 min

In this episode:

  • Why all talent marketing must begin with a clear message.
  • The three key characteristics that will make you a great communicator.
  • The key benefits of becoming a great communicator in talent marketing.

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