Working as a Creative Employer Brand Content Producer [podcast #81]

Building a Modern Employer brand Podcast episode cover #81 Working as a Creative Employer Brand Content Producer (series 6/6)

The creative employer brand content producer keeps their hands busy producing the content planned and scheduled for the building of a modern employer brand.

This role can be a great startup role into modern employer branding, but it is also a great role to specialize in because talented content producers are in demand.

Employer brand content creators can specialize in copy writing, audiovisual content creator, graphic design and photography. One person does not need to know how to master each of these skills, but at the same time, for the very creative master minds, learning all of them can make a fantastic career path!

Copywriting, blogging, creating new content when working as a employer brand content creator

What does the Creative Employer Brand Content Producer do?

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ is based on systematic content and social media marketing because it can be extremely impactful and cost effective at the same time.

Content production can be a pretty demanding task. The required content must always be in a digital format suitable to the media selected for employer branding.

Not only do you need to have something relevant, valid, timely and interesting to say to your audiences, but you also need to know how to say it in a photo, in a vlog, blog, podcast or in an audio format.

As a creative employer brand content producer, you may be taking and editing the employer brand photography your company needs. Or you may be responsible for the graphic design for your career site and your campaign landing pages.

Instead of photography, you may have chosen to illustrate your blog and social media content. Or if your strategy is focused on audio visual content, you need to bring your employer brand alive through podcast and or video content. 

Whatever is the creative domain, employer brand content producers work closely with the employer brand content manager and the Talent Communication & PR specialist.

Listen to episode #81 of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, you will learn about the 6th role in the modern, Magnetic Talent Marketing Team, the Employer Brand Content Producer I’ve compiled and described fully in this free eBook >>

Episode-length: 25:18 min

In this episode:

  • What is creative employer brand content and why does it need a producer?
  • What does the creative employer brand content producer do in this team?
  • What skills and experiences are required for success in this role?
  • Get tips what to focus on when developing for and in this role?

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