Working as an Employer Brand Content Manager [podcast #79]

#79 Working as an Employer Brand Content Manager (series 5/6)

Employer brand content manager is an important role in the modern talent marketing team. After all, the building of the modern employer brand takes place mostly through active content and social media marketing because of its incredibly cost effective nature.

What is the employer brand content manager role?

In this role, you have the ownership of the actual employer branding content plan and the publication schedule.

Nothing gets published unless it is in this plan and runs according to your data-driven publication schedule. For your schedule to work, you also manage the publication process cycle from content ideation to content creation and production, all in the time table you plan and coordinate.

The actual employer brand comes to live through the work you manage and coordinate according to the schedule. It doesn’t matter how many great ideas your company or team has or if you have a strategy in place. The magic is in the data-driven implementation and execution of the employer branding strategy.

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Listen to episode #79 “Working as an employer brand content manager”

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, you will learn about the 5th role in the modern, Magnetic Talent Marketing Team, the Employer Brand Content Manager I’ve compiled and described fully in this free Guide >>

Episode-length: 28:45 min

Learn more about the Candidate Journey of the Information Era mentioned in this episode.

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