Introducing the Modern Employer Brand Team roles [podcast #63]

#63 Introducing the Modern Employer Brand Team roles - Building a modern employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

It’s time to introduce you the Modern Employer Brand Team!

The Modern Employer Brand Team and the talent marketer roles are chosen and defined by me. I base them on The Magnetic Employer Branding method I developed. As you may already know, I teach, consult and practice talent marketing and employer branding solely based on my method.

The Modern Employer Brand Team is compiled on the basis of what all goes into developing a Magnetic Employer Brand:

  • What type of skills are essential?
  • What kinds of angles goes into developing a Magnetic Employer Brand?
  • What knowledge are required?

A Modern Employer Branding team can be an in-house team, an agency team or a collaborative team between an agency and a client. This is how we do at my agency Emine.

What’s good about the roles I put together are flexible. While it helps you to know which direction might be your ideal, you can also practice a multi-role. Or you could start with one and then develop your talent marketer’s career by learning the ropes of other roles as well.

The modern employer brand team which talent marketer are you CTA

The purpose of a Modern Employer Branding Team

When is it the right time to start building an employer branding team into an organization?

What are the skills and roles required in the beginning?

What does the modern employer branding team actually do?

There are a lot of uncertainties about what goes into a role when your title is includes the two words: employer branding.

The only way to give a sound answer is to understand the purpose of a modern employer branding team.

  • What is the business purpose?
  • What is the employer brand mission?
  • What are the measurable goals and objectives for this team?

The purpose of a modern employer branding team is to consistently build and develop desire for the object of their employer brand. The object of course, is a product we call a career path and employee experiences in this specific organization.

We are talking about building and developing desire towards those unique benefits being employed by your company has as opposed to competition.

  • Your talent acquisition are selling the way in to your organization in the form of a vacancy.
  • The people and culture operations are developing and reinforcing employee experiences and your leadership culture – the backbones of your modern employer brand.
  • Each team leader and management are creating employee experiences as a direct outcome of their leadership skills and style as well as their vision and values.
  • And your modern employer brand team is using marketing and communication in special ways to build your employer brand and position your company as a different and most viable option in your talent market to your ideal talents.

How to actually build a modern employer brand >>

The primary roles in the Modern Employer Branding Team

I came up with the following six roles for the Modern Employer Branding Team. These roles, as mentioned earlier, are based on the requirements of the Magnetic Employer Branding Method. In other words, what type of skills and knowledge does it take to develop a Magnetic Employer Brand.

The six roles making up the Modern Employer Branding Team

#1 Talent Communication & PR specialist

#2 Digital Talent Marketing Manager

#3 Employer / Talent Brand Manager

#4 Talent Community & Social Media Manager

#5 Employer Brand Content Marketing Manager

#6 Creative Employer Brand Content Producer

Becoming a professional talent marketer means you first discover what might be your ideal and preferred direction. Once you know your direction, you can focus on developing the skills, knowledge and competencies that are required to professionally practice modern employer branding in this role.

The fun part is that even if you had your primary role figured out, you can still learn some skills and competencies from any other role. Or plan your career journey role by role owning the entire team at the end!

Do this light-hearted test I created to discover which talent marketer you might be. When you take the quiz you are able to opt-in and download an 18-page eBook I wrote about each of these roles.

Listen to episode 63 of Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand, I introduce six talent marketer roles making up a Modern Employer Brand Team.

Episode-length:  26:28 min

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