Every talent will have a candidate journey with their chosen and preferred companies. But every employer will not have a shared journey with talents they would love to hire.

Talents we pursue are in different phases of their career lifecycles. To maximize our business’ success in talent acquisition, we must understand and take these into account in our HR marketing activities.

The Candidate Journey of the Information Era visualizes how I vision this journey. My purpose is to guide HR marketeers and employer brand builders to vision their respective journeys as well as understand the immense impact information era has on our employer branding and talent acquisition success.

The constant information overload of the digital and social media era we live in, has changed our consumer behavior from “willingness to receive” into “attempt to ban”.

The Four Phases of the Candidate Journey of the Information Era

The simple idea behind this version of a candidate journey is to demonstrate how talents go through their journeys based on their readiness and their career and life related needs.

Just like customers buy when they have a need to buy, not when we have a need to sell. Talents apply for new jobs when they have a need to make career related changes, not when we have an urgency to hire.

Candidate journey of the information era - Modern employer branding
The Candidate Journey of the Information Era by Susanna Rantanen

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method©️ is built on inviting your ideal talents on this journey with your company. During this journey, through various employer branding messages and means, you will be in a better place to recognize and build relationships with ideal talents, until both parties are ready to discuss and make decisions about starting an employment relationship.

Phase 1 Winning the Attention

There is an old marketing rule about seeing an ad seven times before actually having a recollection of having seen it. Whatever the number of times it is, it is critical for us to understand why publishing something once is highly ineffective.

To be honest, ever since the constant stream of good, bad and ugly online content online, this number is likely to be even higher now.

Our brains are blocking unnecessary and irrelevant messages like there was no tomorrow.

It is impossible to start building awareness with an audience, who is not willing to pay attention to you or your messages.

How to win attention?

Attention can be captivated in many ways. Some of the persuasive techniques are ethical, some are highly manipulative and unethical. I do not believe in manipulating our talent audiences in any way. So you won’t be getting any dirty attention capturing tricks from me.

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method (MEB) focuses on building trusting relationships likely to lead into a committed employment relationship one day. Manipulating one into such a relationship is unlikely to lead into anything good.

Phase 2 Building & growing employer awareness

Once you have repeatedly won the attention of your ideal talents, they are likely to become curious about what your business represents and could offer to them.

This phase is about building their awareness about what your business represents:

  • Your purpose, the Why.
  • Your customer promise and what customer problem your employees attempt to solve every day and how.
  • What your leadership culture is like and to whom it is likely to be ideal.
  • Your businesses long term goals and objectives and how those connect with possible career opportunities and paths,.
  • About your values, your Modern Employer Value Proposal and so on.

These messages are informational in nature and the objective of this phase is to get your company as a potential place of work placed on the “maps” of your ideal talents.

Success is measured in elements such as:

  • The total size of your audience,
  • the portion your ideal talent audiences make up from that,
  • how likely they are to position you in the “correct box” as an employer.

The latter means, if your business is a fintech-company, your audiences must position you as an employer of finance & software development experts.

Phase 3 Growing Affinity

The third phase is about employer branding in it’s true meaning. In this phase, the ideal talent -part of your overall talent audience starts to grow fond about what you represent. This phase is all about building and deepening emotional connections as well as nurturing ideal talent relations with your business.

The purpose of this phase is to transform your (employer image) from cool vanilla into roaring temperatures. Talents transforming into this phase will be highly committed to your business, highly likely to advocate you, speak on behalf of you, and become your roaring fans and recruitment leads.

In my own experience, all the talents I have hired from this phase have been and are extremely committed, loyal current and former members of my team, who deliver consistent value to our customers and my business. And what more, when it used to take 8-12 months of my time to train them into independent and productive consultants, it now takes 4-6 months. This means a huge saving in opportunity costs.

The purpose of this phase is to get your ideal talents to “turn themselves in” to you. You will start to know them on first name basis, with the help of social media.

Phase 4 Converting [into value]

The fundamental objective of this phase is to call your ideal talents to convert themselves into your recruitment leads. This will save you a lot of time and money in recruiting.

But, there are many conversion-steps through out the journey that we should not forget to call action for.

I label conversions as moments, when a cost we put into this work becomes an investment or any kind of measurable value for us.

The most typical conversion in HR marketing is of course when we call action to leave an application by deadline. The job seeker converts into an applicant in our process.

But there can be many other conversions. And the whole idea of having the conversion painted out there is to:

  1. Realize, a quality conversion never happens without the preceding phases.
  2. Remember to ask for conversions to turn all the hard employer branding work into value for the business.

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The Candidate Journey of the Information Era - Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast by Susanna Rantanen

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