Using curated content in talent marketing and employer branding [podcast #59]

Blog #59 How to use curated content in talent marketing and employer branding

Using curated content in talent marketing and employer branding is something I strongly advice for all professional talent marketers.

When we set out to do professional talent marketing, be it recruitment marketing, growing our employer awareness or the actual employer branding, we need to have something to say and share multiple times a week these days.

In other words, we need content. Lots of it.

But it does not have to be all your original content.

Using curated content in talent marketing and employer branding

Content marketers use curated content all the time to balance out their own content creation. There is no reason why you could not apply this same tactic to your talent marketing.

When you curate content, you selectively use and share other people’s content with your own talent audiences.

You want to do this to fill in gaps in your own publication schedule or content marketing plan. So obviously, you need that content marketing plan to fill in gaps. And you need to know what your key messages are to make curated content a value-add resource for your employer branding.

As en example, this here, sharing other people’s content on this blog post is content curation.

I didn’t link to just any random post. I chose other blog posts that I found to be of quality, match with my topic here and provide you additional value.

Content curation is about selecting the most value-add pieces for your audience

What is important here is that you only select and share content that supports your own talent marketing message. What this means is that you don’t share anything blind folded.

You need to go through the content yourself first to make sure it is in line with your key message. If it is, you curate it for your own purposes.

Content curation is about finding great content and presenting it to your social media followers in a way that adds value.

Christina Newberry. Hootsuite Blog

Beginners Guide to Content Curation by Hootsuite >>

Why content curation is a balancing act

Choosing this tactic to complement your own marketing is worth considering. However, it is also a balancing act.

Share only or mostly other people’s content and you are acting as a media for those other people, not building the employer brand of the company you work. What will happen is, instead of driving traffic to your own website or getting people to stay on your post and profile, you are sending them away to other people’s profiles and websites.

Choosing to curate content is also time consuming. Sharing random posts and links coming to your way takes a nano second, yeah. But that is called resharing, not curating. Understand the difference to grasp how to make your time invested to return value to both your company and your audiences.

Check out 5 major steps in content curation >>

I like the way Hootsuite blogger Christina Newberry puts it:

” Just like a museum curator’s role is to choose the most important artifacts and artworks to display, your role as a content curator is to select only the best content to share with your followers.”

Listen to episode 59 of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast

In this weeks episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast we talk about content curation. Creating your own content, even if it was in the form of a social media post requires time and, well, having something interesting enough to say. When the infamous writer’s block visits you at work, content curation comes handy.

In this episode:

  • What is content curation?
  • How to use curated content in talent marketing?
  • The 3 ways I regularly keep up with great content for inspiration and content curation when needed

Episode-length: 27:59 min

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