Blogging is a remarkable tactic for talent marketing [podcast #49]

#49 Blogging for Talent Marketing purposes

Is blogging a tactic you use in talent marketing?

Do you enjoy reading content yourself?

Have you used talent-related articles as supporting content in your recruitment marketing campaigns?

Blogs continue to be a remarkable support in all talent marketing

Did you know that your talent marketing could benefit from regular sharing of written content from your website?

In my opinion, blogging continues to be an excellent form of content supporting recruiting, talent acquisition and employer branding.

There is no reason why you working at HR or talent acquisition should not take an interest in creating and publishing content on your company blog to build awareness and convert talents to your recruitment funnel.

Learn more: “Content that works for your audience” >>

Consumers like you, I and our talent audiences prefer content over advertising

Based on studies, us consumers prefer to learn about brands from content. Yet, most companies prefer to use traditional advertising.

Quality content created to educate and inspire your talent audiences is likely to make a memorable impact on your talent audiences. Advertising used in talent marketing is less likely to stick to minds. Heck, often times it does not even get noticed!

Did you know that 81% of companies consider their blogs useful, important or even critical? 37% of marketers say blogs make their most valuable type of content marketing!


  • People trust quality content more than advertising.
  • Content in a written form is easier to study and drill into than for example a video or audio.
  • Quality content drives traffic to your website
  • Value-add content gets featured on page 1 by Google and other search engines

(Source: Hubspot)

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How to start a blog for talent marketing

Actually, you may not have to start a new blog at all. If your company already has one, opt for that.

My recommendation is to create a new category for posts targeted to your talent audiences. Your marketing department should be able to help you with that.

Here are a few suggestions how to name your talent marketing category on your company blog:

  • career
  • career-related
  • talent-content
  • for-talent-audiences
  • workplace-related
  • working-with-us

How ever you decide to name your category should be an accurate reflection to the content posted under it.

What if your company does not have a blog?

If content marketing is not familiar to your business, blogging is a very easy way to get started with it.

As opposed to producing videos or a podcast, blogging is less expensive, less time consuming and also much easier to get done. As long as you know how to write, of course!

A good way to sell the idea to your boss or your marketing is to let them know that companies who blog produce 67% more sales leads monthly than companies that don’t. Or that, your business can get 55% more website visitors due to great content. Get more statistics >>

Even if your company did not yet have a blog, opt to create one for your company website. Updating Quality content shared from your website to for example social media is an excellent way to get your entire company website noticed by search engines.

Regular blogging can be a remarkable way to drive traffic to your website and your recruitment funnel.

Listen to episode 49

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I talk about blogging in talent marketing, and why I strongly recommend it as a regular activity to support your talent acquisition and employer branding.

Episode length: 37:06 min

In this episode:

  • What HR / talent acquisition can blog about?
  • Why blogging for talent marketing needs a clear objective too?
  • What is the difference between “HR” blogging and talent acquisition blogging?

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