Essential questions your career pages need to answer [podcast #44]

Essential questions your career pages need to answer

How many visitor does your business career site get on a normal month?

Where do they come from?

What is the first page they land on?

How much time do they spend on your career site?

Do they view one page or more pages?

What do they search for on your site (if search is possible)?

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, we continue talking about your career site.

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Remembering why people visit our career pages and website

People visit our career pages and website because they need something.

This something can be a direct answer to a question they believe we can answer.

  • On your blog
  • On your sales page
  • On your career page
  • On your contact details page

They leave, because we failed to answer those questions on their minds.

How well your career site answers to the questions your talent target audiences are likely to have when they visit your website?

If your target talent audiences are not finding the answers they look for on your career site, they will leave. In less than a few seconds. What if they never come back? They found no reason on this visit.

Susanna Rantanen

Why is it important to answer talents’ questions on your website?

Imagine googling for a topic and clicking one of the search results.

You land on a website you expect to cater to the questions you have. You browse and you scroll.

After a few seconds, it becomes evident to you that you cannot find answers.

  • Maybe not quick enough.
  • Maybe they are not there at all.

What happens next is you click “go back” on your browser and take look at other search results. You repeat this pattern until you find what you are looking for.

If your target talent audiences are not finding the answers they look for on your career site, they will leave. In less than a few seconds. What if they never come back? They found no reason on this visit.

How to know if your career site is not “good enough”?

The most obvious signs can be seen in your website analytics. Your career site fails you if it cannot be found or if people leave your website almost immediately they arrived on your career site.

Look for (or ask someone else to look for) data such as:

  • How many people generally land on your main career page? Your main career page is the page you link to either on your website header menu or footer menu.
  • How long do they stay on this page?
  • What is the bounce rate on this page? Bounce rate refers to “bouncing back from where they came from”.
  • What do they do next? Do they go on another page on your career site or website, or do they leave your website altogether?
  • What other pages do they visit?

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How to get target talents to visit your career pages more?

If you want people to visit your career pages, you need to make sure:

  1. Your career site can easily be found.
  2. Your site passes the grunt test.
  3. The content on your career pages answer to the questions your site visitors search for.

Check out these Google search results I found for you about what makes a great career page >>

A list of key questions talents expect your career pages to answer to

Questions an active job seeker is likely to have:

Does this company have interesting vacancies for me right now?

What are the roles?

When are the deadlines for applications?

How can I apply for these vacancies?

How does the process go once I leave my application?

Who can I ask for more information about this role, about this process and about this company as a place of work?

What do they offer me? Is it more interesting / less interesting; is it more relevant / not relevant to me at all than in a whatever a potential other job I already applied for or I am planning to apply. 

Who else works here? can I find names and faces and google a bit or find them on social media to take a better look?

Who is the nearest manager in this role? What are they like?

Who else works in this same role or a similar role? Can I contact them to ask more?

If I get this job, what might be my career opportunities and a likely career path in this company?

What benefits do they offer? What is their culture like? What are their values like? How do these folks look like? Can I imagine myself working in this company?

Questions a passive job seeker is likely to have:

A passive job seeker is likely not to be interested in your career pages at all, unless, let’s say a friend of theirs just got a job with your company.

That’s why you should have a career page targeted to a passive job seeker. In this career page, you focus on professional topics dear to their heart and mind.

Facebook Designer Careers does a great job catering to both active and passive designer job seekers on this >>

Think of this website you are currently on. Your professional interest is on talent marketing. That’s why you are here.

You are here to grow your awareness and learn more about what modern employer branding and talent marketing is.

You look for content that educates you and inspires you. That’s what this website hopes to give you. I share no content about jobs with my agency here, because this is not my career site or a recruitment page.

However, if I inspire you long enough with my knowledge, experience and what I represent to you, you are likely to one day check out if I have any career opportunities matching your needs and interests. That’s how the Magnetic Employer Brand©️ works.

How HR can take advantage of the company blog >>

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Episode-length: 34:02 min

In this episode:

  • Why businesses need to pay more attention to their website and career site content?
  • What are the typical questions talents search answers to on your career pages?
  • Active and passive job seekers have different questions on their minds.

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