How to decide the right social media for talent marketing? [podcast #38]

#38 Choosing the best social media for your talent marketing - Building a Modern Employer Brand Podcast with Susanna Rantanen

Deciding on the right social media for talent marketing purposes requires some thinking ahead.

The two key questions you need to ask are: who are the people we want to reach with social media marketing and which social media platform works best for this?

Too many companies seem to still make decisions on what the marketing or communication department has decided as the “official social media” for the business, which social media HR personally prefers to use or they use LinkedIn, because the general belief is that LinkedIn is the best social media for talent marketing.

What is the right social media for talent marketing?

The right social media for the talent marketing purposes of your business boils down to:

  • Which social media your target audiences is most likely to be reached on a daily basis.
  • What are your talent marketing goals and objectives that social media can help achieve.
  • What are your available resources to practice talent marketing more than once in the full moon.

The difference between a hobbyist and at least an aspiring talent marketing professional is to understand all marketing delivering business results is planned and at least a little bit strategic.

How should you plan to use social media to make it worth your (employer’s) time and money?

Despite most talent marketers still getting confused between recruitment marketing and employer branding, it is actually important to understand why they don’t mean the same thing. Your choice for the right social media for your business depends on your main HR marketing strategy.

The best outcome can be achieved with marketing when you focus. That’s how the brain works.

Plan to enable repetition and consistent outputs

It takes surprisingly many repetitions of the exact same key message before your audience even notices you are trying to say something. There is just too many other parties shouting their messages at all hours of the day.

But that’s just a single and short moment of attention. If there is no continuation to your message, the earned attention will soon be nothing but a distant memory.

Your social media choice must allow and make it possible for your business to consistently message your target audiences, but not just about the same song. More like an album of tracks each building the awareness and growing the affinity towards what your business represents. That way, and only that way, will you have chances of them buying your next album.

Use the data social media and other digital platforms give us about your audience behavior

When we do consistent and repetitive acts of marketing on social media, we can soon start to track and trace what our audience likes.

This in turn, gives us great help in focusing even more. We call this “feeding the audience more of what they came for.”

The point here is that the best social media for your talent marketing is that social media your target audience uses the most, you have the skills and the resources to engage with several times a week and your decisions on your messages and calls to action are tied into the goals and objectives of your business.

I think you can understand this takes a bit of time. Old school marketing just does not work anymore, especially with talents of the digital age as your target audience.

That’s why your best social media for talent marketing is one of the options.

#38 Choosing the best social media for your talent marketing - Building a Modern Employer Brand Podcast with Susanna Rantanen

In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I discuss what are currently the best social media for talent marketing and why.

Episode-length: 37:03 min

In this episode:

  • What does “best social media” even mean?
  • 3 key factors to help you determine your BEST social media for talent marketing
  • Why is it important to pay attention to what are “the currently popular” social media
  • What I think the main social media are currently good for in talent marketing

Mentioned on the podcast:

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