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In this episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I’m going to introduce you the key elements of the modern employer branding method I have developed.

The first episode introduced the ideology behind my modern employer branding -thinking. If you didn’t listen to it yet, I strongly recommend to catch up.

The Modern Employer Branding Method

The digitalization, including the arrival of social media and social media marketing, has impacted how we get our messages across to our target audiences in the most radical manner.

The Modern Employer Branding Method invites ideal talents into a Candidate Journey with our company with the use of consistent, strategically planned content marketing relevant to our target audiences.

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Length of this episode: 36:20 min

About Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast

Building a Modern Employer Brand-podcast is a weekly podcast bringing you a modern breath of air into HR marketing and employer branding. 

This podcast is dedicated to all modern growth companies and modern employer branding practitioners who want to really influence their talent audiences and add measurable value to growing and scaling modern businesses with HR marketing and employer branding.

This podcast is sponsored Employee Experience Agency Emine and hosted by Susanna Rantanen.

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