#160 Crafting Recruitment Marketing Messages That Resonate Beyond Clicks on the Job Board

Blog header #160 Crafting Recruitment Marketing Messages That Resonate Beyond Clicks on the Job Board - Building a modern, magnetic employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

In the bustling landscape of recruitment marketing, the power of a well-crafted message cannot be overstated. 

While purchasing space on a renowned job board is probably a comfortable marketing move because you’ve always done it, paying for reach doesn’t solve the problem of a bad recruitment marketing message.

During those times when your job advertising hasn’t generated the results you wished for, was it because you figured “the times were just tough”, or was it because your recruitment marketing message failed?

The true challenge lies in crafting messages and content that reach your target audience and resonate with them deeply enough to inspire action. 

Welcome back to another episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast

Today, I’m bringing you to a topic that I hope will spark your thoughts and inspire you to take a closer look at your recruitment marketing messages.

Are you copy-pasting sentences and phrases from old job posts, or are you making an effort with only the most updated and inspiring information, ensuring your campaign delivers the results the hiring manager expects?

If you are new to this podcast, my name is Susanna Rantanen. I am a TOP employer branding, marketing and communications expert in Europe and a Top 10 European Employer Branding Agency owner with over 20 years of experience using branding, communication and marketing in internal and external employer branding, talent acquisition and hiring.

This podcast is for those who want to learn how to use branding, marketing and communications for business success – as an employer or as a seasoned professional in the area of HR, talent acquisition, career coaching or employer branding.

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The Art of Communication in Recruitment Marketing

Great communication skills are the cornerstone of effective recruitment marketing, just like they are the cornerstone of effective employer branding. 

In a world inundated with information, your job post needs to be much more than a list of requirements and benefits.

Pay attention: Your job post is a conversation starter, an invitation to a potentially life-changing career opportunity.

Susanna Rantanen

Pay attention: Your job post is a conversation starter, an invitation to a potentially life-changing career opportunity.

It’s about telling a story that aligns with the aspirations and values of your ideal candidates and helps them understand how your offer can move them forward towards a better life. 

The narrative should be compelling, clear, and concise and place the relevant job seeker as the hero of your recruitment story.

As much as you are trying to fill a vacancy, you must also compel available talent to consider your opportunity, and this is where your persuasive communication skills will come in handy!

Not only does it matter what information you share and in which order, but what also matters is how you say it.

Susanna Rantanen

Not only does it matter what information you share and in which order, but what also matters is how you say it.

Your tone of voice should reflect your organisation’s unique culture, vocabulary and values. 

Truly, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.

The tone, language, and structure of your job posting can significantly influence a candidate’s perception of your company and their decision to apply.

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Relevance: Using recruitment marketing messages to connect with the right audience 

The other week on this podcast, episode 158, I spoke about building brand trust, leaning on the power trio of credibility, authority and influence. 

If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, make sure you do. I’m not going to repeat what I discussed last week, but I want to connect the dots and explain how the same trio is equally essential in recruitment marketing.

Relevance is key in reaching the right candidates. 

Relevance [of your recruitment marketing messages] is key in reaching the right candidates. 

Susanna Rantanen

A generic job post might attract a high volume of applicants, but how many of them are the right fit for your company? 

It costs your business much more to assess a high volume of applicants.

There is the risk of negative candidate experiences [you pay with your reputation] and the likelihood of missing out on potential stars.

Learning how to write persuasive recruitment marketing copy and converting your employer brand audience into candidates is an investment that can return an incredible amount of value for you and for the business.

Tailoring your recruitment marketing messages to speak directly to the desired audience is crucial

Tailoring your message to speak directly to the desired audience is crucial. 

This requires you to understand their career aspirations, their challenges and struggles, and the solutions they seek.

An effective job post addresses your target candidates’ specific needs and interests. It goes beyond listing qualifications and experience, delving into the role’s impact within the company and the growth opportunities it offers. 

Instead of writing what you are looking for and expecting, turn the table around and write about what the right candidate receives and achieves through your offer.

Credibility and Authority: Building trust with your recruitment marketing messages

Credibility and authority play a significant role in the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing. 

Candidates are more likely to engage with a job post from a credible source.  This trust is built through consistent, honest, and transparent communication.

My advice is to make sure they trust your employer brand, but if you don’t have an employer brand or don’t know whether they trust it or not, then your recruitment campaign needs to build this trust.

Showcasing your company’s achievements made by your people, employee testimonials, and clear descriptions of the role and its impact on the organisation and customer can enhance your credibility.

It’s not just about stating facts; it’s about providing a realistic and engaging picture of what it’s like to work at your company.

Another great way to build trust is to be honest about your organisational weaknesses. Everyone has them: organisations, hiring managers, everyone on the payroll. 

Being honest and transparent is key to building trust. Especially if you have such a short time to try to earn it, and with this, I mean the time you are promoting the vacancy.

The limitations job boards set for recruitment marketing success

Relying solely on job boards for recruitment can be a limiting strategy.

While they provide visibility, they do not guarantee that the right candidates will notice your job post, read it thoroughly, or decide to apply. 

The digital age has brought a plethora of channels and platforms where potential candidates spend their time.

Diversifying your recruitment marketing strategy to include social media, social recruiting, professional networks, and other digital platforms can increase the chances of your message reaching the right audience. 

This approach also allows for more engaging and interactive forms of communication, such as videos, podcasts, and webinars, which can be more effective in conveying your company’s culture and values.

The power of persuasion in recruitment marketing

Finally, paying for a wider reach doesn’t automatically translate into attracting the best applicants.

Persuasion is an art that involves appealing to the emotions, aspirations, and needs of potential candidates.

Your recruitment marketing should not only inform but also encourage and motivate. It should create a sense of urgency and excitement about the opportunity. Compel the relevant audience to jump on your opportunity and commit to the process.

Your recruitment marketing should not only inform but also encourage and motivate. It should create a sense of urgency and excitement about the opportunity. Compel the relevant audience to jump on your opportunity and commit to the process.

Susanna Rantanen

This can be achieved through compelling storytelling, highlighting unique selling points of the role, and clearly articulating the career growth and learning opportunities available.

But at the same time, you must ensure you deliver a great candidate experience and keep your candidates updated and treated like warm leads. Because that is what they are. 

Let me summarise this episode for you. 

The secret sauce for effective recruitment marketing

Effective recruitment marketing requires much more than posting a job on a well-known board. 

The more there is competition for the same job seekers, the more attention you need to place on the competitiveness of your offer. 

What if your competitiveness was only up to your ability to describe and communicate in a way that conveys the message the job seeker wanted to receive and compelled them to act?

Focusing on persuasive and effective communication is the foundation.

Understanding who your right candidates are and what triggers them are the salt and pepper. And building trust as an employer, hiring manager, and recruiter make up the seasoning for your secret sauce for success.

You want to attract not just any candidates but the right candidates who are genuinely interested and ready to embark on a journey with your company.

This is how you do it.

Do you want to learn this secret recipe and permanently boost your recruitment marketing success?

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I’ve experienced so many a-ha moments during this program! Whenever I make a purchase from your company, it is always worth the investment. You guys are so professional! It makes me trust I will succeed with what I learn from you!

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What if these would be your thoughts and real experiences?

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Ok, that’s all for this week, my friends! 

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My name is Susanna Rantanen! Thanks for tuning in. 

Moi moi! 

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