#128 Social media trends 2023 to watch for talent marketing

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What social media trends 2023 should we go for in talent marketing this year?

Each year I go through the social media trend analysis’ from various trustworthy sources and curate my findings for us talent marketers working in employer branding and recruitment marketing with employees and job seekers as our target audiences.

It’s time to learn about the key social media predictions for 2023!

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast, we will dig into what I believe will most likely be the hottest social media trends in HR marketing this year.

I curated ten social media trends 2023 for you that I recommend you keep an eye on, learn more about and implement into your talent marketing plans this year to grow your overall talent marketing impact and get more out of the investment and resources allocated to both employer branding and talent marketing.

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Key social media trends 2023 to watch in talent marketing

#1 Short-form video content dominates in 2023

When we talk about short-form videos, we have to talk about TikTok because it was this social media platform that really managed to push short-form into the number one social media trend in 2023.

With the short-form video wave, TikTok will also dominate as the most intriguing social media in 2023, and as I’ve said to you for many weeks now, get on it.

You can easily share your TikTok videos on Instagram as Reels, on YouTube as Shorts and on LinkedIn just as short-video posts as long as you share the download, not a link.

Check out my podcast episode #127 from last week, which focuses on a short-form video.

Source >

#2 Moving on from solely trending content to original content

Less copy-paste and more original will be the direction in 2023. 

Suppose you are an avid Instagram and TikTok user, at least a viewer. In that case, you are familiar with the huge trend from 2022, where content creators began versioning existing content from other users and creating their versions. 

TikTok introduced us to trending music, sounds and dance moves, and when you created your own versions from those trending content, chances were, your post benefitted from the viral waves of those trends.

The more users recreated the same content repeatedly, the more viewers became bored. That’s why it is very natural to take the shift from less trending and more original content production.

However, using trending content is still a good tactic. Just don’t rely on it 100% any longer and start creating your original content as well.

#3 New social media trend in 2023: Casual, off-the-cut content

Perhaps you have noticed a recent short-form video trend; let’s take podcasts as an example, where the video is a casual cut-off from recording the podcast episode. The podcaster is not talking to the camera; instead, the camera records them talking on the mic.

These clips are great examples of casual, off-the-cut content. It’s that simple!


Stop wasting your life waiting, worrying, or wishing things would change. It’s up to YOU to make things happen for yourself. 🙌💥 #melrobbins #peptalk #advice #procrastination #fyp

♬ original sound – Mel Robbins

#4 User-generated content, USG is becoming very popular with brands

User-generated content is an essential content format in our employer branding toolbox.

Don’t let the fancy term confuse you.

We are talking about your employer brand marketing, letting your employees create content for you and post it on your employer brand profiles or tag your company account when sharing the content in their own profiles.

I’ve mentioned this before in this podcast, but if you don’t have any employees willing to become social media ambassadors for your employer brand – for whatever reason – and not necessarily anything negative at all, why not consider offering a part-time opportunity for a student to do this or hire an intern as your talent marketing UGC (that’s user-generated content) creator.

This is what consumer brands have done for years with influencers! 

Check out this video by Later.com where they explain what is a user-generated content creator.

#5 Key social media prediction! YouTube Shorts become part of your talent marketing media mix

For many years, there was no point for us talent marketers to create and share videos on YouTube simply because the YouTube culture is very different to the types of videos employers and organisations tend to create, making video creation a very expensive activity without much value-add.

With the arrival of YouTube Shorts we can return or start with YouTube. 

I will speak about YouTube Shorts in an upcoming episode in the near future.

I’ve recently started my own channel on YouTube as well.

I go there by the same handle as on TikTok and Instagram: @rantanensusanna.

With my minuscule audience so far, I’m desperate to get followers, so please follow me on YouTube

I used to be self-conscious about making videos, and I’ve wanted to be upfront about it with you guys to encourage you to jump on video marketing too. When you see me taking my baby steps and growing my video audience following, you will see I wasn’t the video pro either when I started! But I intend to become one!

#6 LinkedIn is re-emerging for content creators

Organic engagement is pulling content creators back to LinkedIn. This is probably well-received news for us as in the HR Industry, LinkedIn has been the go-to social media for HR and recruiters since Columbus founded America, I feel.

What’s different this time, you probably wonder?

Marketing experts are taking on LinkedIn and want to build their authority on LinkedIn as content creation and social media marketing influencers. 

I’m looking forward to following more content marketing and social media experts on LinkedIn and getting inspiration from their ways of leveraging LinkedIn in their work.

#7 Adding SEO to your Instagram and TikTok content

Did you know that instead of Google, Gen Z uses TikTok and Instagram for searches? I mentioned this in one of my previous episodes about TikTok, where I mentioned the recruiter trend on TikTok taking on during the Pandemic, as so many Gen Zs used TikTok to search for open jobs.

This social media trend means that when you create your content and captions for social media, make sure to search engine optimise your posts with relevant keywords to help your posts get discovered by users looking for your content type.

The Basics of SEO by MailChimp

Source for trends 2-7 >

#8 The Creator Economy will blossom and you should definitely ride on this trend as an expert yourself

According to SproutSocial, creator and influencer viewership will hit 10 trillion views each month across all platforms in 2023. In 2022, influencer content was watched 13,2 times more than media and brand content.

Don’t let the word influencer confuse you here. I know your mind immediately takes you to social media influencers working for consumer brands. 

Think of opinion leaders and industry experts; think of yourself as an expert in your field. Think of your employees and their expertise. 

I am a content creator and influencer in branding, marketing and communications for people like you in the HR industry.

When we put our personal authority and credibility on it, it is 13,2 times more appealing to our audiences than when you post the same message under your company’s brand and behind the logo.

Think about it. The creator economy will be heavily trending this year and beyond.

Learn more about the new Post social media platform dedicated to a hate-free creator economy!

#9 Employee advocacy is hitting the trend wheel in 2023!

What a perfect gateway to trend number 9, brought up by Sprout Social. Employee advocacy will become a trend again. It’s been coming for many years but without much success. 

What you want to learn from the first wave about ten years ago is that your employees are unlikely to want to share your company’s content if it sucks. So, ensure the content you ask them to share is quality and relevant to their audiences.

Your employees are also unlikely to have time to create content on their employer’s behalf unless you make that time and guide them forward.

The best way to achieve value-add employee advocacy is to make sure it benefits both parties. This is something we coach and help our clients with quite often. 

#10 How brands are talking about sustainability will change

I also picked trend #10 from SproutSocial’s blog and welcomed this trend with open arms.

So happy to hear that green-hushing is picking up and brands are becoming more mindful of what they call sustainability. As well as how much marketing attention sustainability gets even when there isn’t much to brag about!

I feel like many brands are talking about green-casting basic expectations for being a good corporate citizen and employer like they are inventing the light bulb again.

It’s passee to have to pinpoint something so much that should be in your DNA that it makes it all sound make-believe.

I think we can do with 10 social media trends in 2023. There’s quite a lot to digest with these already, am I right?

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