Email marketing as a new asset in your employer branding strategy [podcast #112]

Blog header #112 Email marketing as a new asset in your employer branding strategy  - Building a modern, magnetic employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen
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Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing but seldom used in any areas of talent marketing.

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast, I talk about what email marketing is and how it fits your employer branding strategy because it’s time to look outside the box and see what else do we have apart from social media marketing where posting links no longer works.

In this episode:

  • Email marketing explained in short
  • What makes email marketing bad and good
  • Types of email marketing content fitting easily into employer branding
  • How to get emails to send emails?

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image Email marketing in employer branding

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is marketing sent on the recipients email inbox.

The most popularly used forms of commerical email marketing are:

  • newsletters
  • promotional campaigns

This form of marketing is very popular and effective in the online commercial industry. Quality content sent directly to your inbox has a high probability of converting leads to sales. Your email subscribers are those leads and in talent marketing, sales equal recruitment applicants.

Regardless of it’s potential, we don’t use email marketing in employer branding.

Including email marketing as part of your employer branding strategy

In the last week’s episode, I explained how marketing is approaching the biggest change since digitalization and social media.

Social media no longer promotes our link content for free.

Getting our linked business content in front of our social media audience requires us to pay to promote. In other words, use the advertising tools and create content marketing campaigns on social media.

How to get our content regularly in front of our audiences without having to pay for advertising?

Email marketing.

How email marketing fits into overall employer brand marketing strategy?

When email marketing becomes part of your employer branding strategy:

  • Organic social media are used to grow employer brand awareness and build relationships within social media. These are messages, content and conversations educating and entertaining your relevant audiences on the app.
  • Paid social media are used to drive traffic to employer branding content outside social media.
  • Email marketing is used to build and nurture a pool of passive job seekers until individuals become ready to apply for jobs.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more and hear what are the seven types of emails that work well in talent marketing.


World’s toughest data protection and privacy law GDPR if you email market in Europe

If you plan to email market to talent audiences, and especially their non-work emails in Europe, you need to know we have the world’s toughest law in place: the General Data Protection Regulation.

This law stops us from sending marketing emails in a random fashion to whom ever we please if we happen to find their email somewhere online.

All marketing emails must be sent to people who have given their consent for you to send them marketing emails. The only way is to ask their consent in written and the easiest fashion is to do this via a GDPR proof email marketing system.

You also need to give them an easy way to opt out and this is the unsubscribe link all good email marketing systems automatically add to each email.


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