Social media trends in 2022 paving the way for bigger marketing changes [podcast #111]

Blog header #111 Social media trends 2022 paving the way for bigger marketing changes  - Building a modern, magnetic employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

As an employer branding practitioner, social media is likely to be a key media you work with. Keeping up with social media trends is an important element of our profession. Unless you know how your key media works, how can you make the most of it?

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast, I share with you the latest key findings and news about social media marketing trends because there are some significant changes happening right in front of our eyes.

The findings I share in this episode will force us to rethink how we make continue to make the most of social media as it is still the only media aside from our own career sites that we can operate independently to drive marketing results.

Social media trends 2022 and beyond

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a continuous decline in social media marketing driving traffic to our career sites and blog posts.

Furthermore, over the past few months the downwards turn has also hit organic reach.

Regular traffic to career site and blog posts is important because social media is as much as rented real estate and getting people to actually visit our own website has signalled us their interest.

Traffic to website has opened the doors for remarketing opportunities and it is also easier to collect leads on your own website. Both of these are step or more closer to returning value from our talent marketing activities as opposed to staying on social media and collecting likes. Likes don’t convert to business value.

Declining trend in reaching our audiences is another problem. If we cannot reach our audiences, who is going to see our posts? Reach is imperative in getting our messages accross and having any chance of further engagement.

Sharing link content crashes your reach

If you feel your social media posts are no longer working, it’s probably true.

The biggest reason for crashing reach are the linked posts you share from the business accounts. If your company content is only links or mostly links, algorithms consider this as a continuous attempt to promote for free and they don’t like it.

Solution: If you need to share links to your blog, career site or open jobs, and that is pretty much all you post on your social media, consider using the ad tools.

Another way to help boost reach is to make sure 80% of your posts do not have links and are content that help keep users on the app longer.

Native video content has become the key content

Social media companies have been telling us for a few years to focus on video. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat have introduced us plenty of ways to create video content easily and on the phone.

It really is time to take this seriously if you want to keep getting value out of social media.

I shared with you the top three curated social media marketing trends for 2022 back in January in episode 97 audio and blog post.

One of those curated top trends was video content and it’s time to take it seriously. Video dominates social media feeds and talent marketers on social media need to get on board.

Check out my 11 quick tips for creating native videos for social media >>

Some text posts continue to work – here’s what

While algorithms push for video views on app, some text posts still work. But only if they are the majority of your published content, catch attention and engage the viewer.

Make your text posts:

  1. Visually appealing
  2. In a question format

Long-form content is coming back

While link posts no longer work, long-form content is definitely reclaiming it’s position as the royal of all content. You just have to distribute your blog posts and articles through different channels than social media.

There is a fast emerging trend in subscription based newsletter content. Do not confuse this with promotional newsletters.

Recently, many well known businesses such as Twitter, Hubspot, Mailchip and Salesforce have been acquiring newsletter and other content marketing companies with a vast subscription base.

While I know it’s too much to even suggest you to start running an employer brand building newsletter, it’s time to rethink your employer brand marketing strategy and how your company will stay on top of your employer branding game as the marketing landscape is hitting the biggest change since social media was introduced to us more than a decade ago.

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