The power of employer brand [podcast #108]

Blog header #108 The power of employer brand  - Building a modern, magnetic employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

The power of the employer brand is something you cannot achieve with recruitment campaigns.

The brutal truth is that recruitment marketing is truly effective only on two types of job seekers:

  • Those who are not that bothered about where they work as long as they get a paycheck and are treated well.
  • Talents who are looking for their first jobs and have no experience yet on what they need from their employer and place of work.

If you struggle to hire more experienced professionals, and the more competitive your talent market is, the more you need to sell the idea of being part of your company way before they start planning for their next career move.

That’s called employer branding, modern employer branding.

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast, I talk about the power of employer brand, the power of the modern employer brand. 

What is the power of employer brand?

The power of employer brand is magnetism.

It attracts and pulls talents towards your organization. The more specific and distinct your employer brand is, the more you successfully attract and pull towards talents matching your organization’s values, culture and philosophy.

The Magnetic Employer Brand appeals on an emotional level. It allows your relevant and ideal talent audiences recognize the counterpart to what they need from their career and life at that point in their career.

Not what they want or think they want, but what they need.

Imagine how powerful an employer brand like that is?

Imagine an employer brand resonating in your heart and soul, appealing to who you aspire to be.

Making you feel capable and inspired. An employer brand that lifts your spirits up.

Would you be drawn towards an employer brand like that?

I bet you would.

Do you recognize these feelings often when you see recruitment marketing campaigns?

I doubt it.

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What employer branding is not?

Employer Branding is not a marketing campaign or a project in which you create your EVP (employer value proposition).

You miss the power of employer brand if you see it as a brief marketing activity to get fast results or an internal development project ending with marketing slogans on your website.

Employer brand is not like a consumer good

Think about a consumer good on a shop shelf.

You can pick it up, touch it, feel it, maybe even smell it.

When you turn the package around, you can read what the ingredients are or marvel at the packaging.

Those goods that get marketing money are placed at the eye level on shelves or at the front of the store in racks and on mannequin dolls.

Goods on promotional campaigns are stacked up and made a fuzz about for a short period of time. That’s called a campaign.

These goods were developed, produced and packaged elsewhere way before they ended up in the campaign.

Once there is a physical product, the marketing begins.

Employer brand is developed and produced in front of the audience’s eyes

The problem with employer brand is, that it is not a physical product to touch or taste. There is nothing to market and promote until you have developed it first.

You cannot develop an employer brand in a factory or hiding from your target audience. You should definitely plan your employer brand before you start developing it, but the actual building the employer brand happens in front of the audience.

Because you cannot touch, taste, or smell an employer brand, you have want to experience it before making a commitment.

Job seekers who are not able to experience your employer brand before they make a commitment test drive it once the employment contracts have been signed. It is very likely some of them end up leaving the organization quite soon.

Sure, people act on recruitment campaigns of companies they have never heard about.

But the more experienced your ideal applicant is, or the more in demand their skills are, the less likely they act on any random recruitment campaign.

The power of the employer brand works on your favor as the employer. But it also works in the interest of the job seeker.

When your organization has a Magnetic Employer Brand, it works like a magnet pulling towards talents and organizations likely to make the ideal match for a prosperous future.

Developing an employer brand – What needs to happen?

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