Who owns employer branding and the employer brand budget [podcast #102]

Blog header #102 Who owns employer branding and the employer brand budget_ - Building a modern, magnetic employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

Getting a sufficient employer branding budget is not easy.

If there is one, who owns it?

Who gets to decide how the employer branding budget is used?

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, we’ll tackle the debate on who owns employer branding and decides how the employer brand budget is being invested, not spent.

Key talking points in this episode:

  • Who owns employer branding?
  • Why it isn’t about the function but about the person?
  • The role of an employer brand manager

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Who owns the employer branding budget?

Well, I asked.

And this is what my LinkedIn audience said.

Poll results who owns the employer brand and employer branding budget

Majority of the respondents said employer branding belongs to the HR & talent acquisition function in their organization.

However, 11 % said employer brand is owned by the top management who resources it and by everyone in the organization who executes it.

What do you say?

How much does employer branding cost?

When people ask me how does employer branding cost the follow up question needs to be: How much does employer branding need to be worth to your business?

Employer Branding must be seen as an investment instead of costs. To know what the return on investment is, employer branding needs a strategy with goals and measurable objectives.

The costs are going to be higher when you get started. However, over time the return on investment takes the driver’s seat as data-driven approach and learning the basic routines make employer brand marketing more and more efficient.

Employer branding is a long term process during which you invest in improving the competitiveness of your organization – not just as an employer but also as a business.

The price tag is different for developing your employer image and building your employer brand

The cost for developing your employer image comes mainly from strategic communication and marketing activities to grow employer awareness and become known as a specific kind of an employer.

Employer Branding adds another layer. Making sure what you say turns into the truth through repeated experiences.

So you have to calculate in also the development of the “product” behind your employer brand.

Employer branding will cost you more if your organization isn’t competitive in your talent market.

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