Employer brand marketing buzz words uncovered [podcast #100]

Blog header #100 Employer brand marketing buzz words uncovered  - Building a modern, magnetic employer brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

Employer brand marketing has reached most corners of the world.

As this has happened, you probably have paid attention to several buzz words being used in this context, have you?

If you wonder do they all mean the same, the answer is no.

Should you know what they mean? The answer is yes.

In this episode of the Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast, I’ll uncover the main employer brand marketing buzz words for you.

Employer brand marketing buzz words to pay attention to

The primary buzz words you will come across with in employer branding and the wider context of talent marketing and communication are:

  • An employer image
  • Employer brand perceptions
  • Employer reputation
  • The employer brand (and the modern employer brand when you learn from me.)
  • Talent brand
  • Communication and marketing targeted for the talent audiences

Each of these key words hold their own specific meaning and if you work in employer branding, you should definitely learn what.

What is unemployer branding?

Listen to episode 100 in the Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast with Susanna Rantanen

In this episode:

  • What do the buzz words employer image, employer brand perceptions, employer reputation and employer brand mean exactly?
  • Are employer brand and talent brand the same thing?
  • What does talent communication and marketing cover?

How to use these primary employer brand marketing keywords

Here is a short and sweet summary of how to use these buzz words.

Employer image or employer brand perceptions?

Does your talent market have various views and ideas about what you stand for as an employing company? If they do, they have varying employer brand perceptions about what you stand for.

  • Sometimes those perceptions are not ideal to your company.
  • These days, it is very common to experience out-dated market perceptions.
  • Sometimes those perceptions might make you sound too boring or indifferent.
  • Other times, they may be totally wrong and hurt your reputation.

If these are the case, you need to start developing a specific employer image to change those many perceptions.

You don’t want to develop more perceptions, you want to achieve a specific employer image.

It is in your company’s interest to become known as something specific.

Being specific is easier for people to remember. Becoming specific means you can achieve a position top of mind.

Dealing with employer reputation?

Large companies often have challenges with their employer reputation.

Reputation management can get tough for large and growing companies hiring regularly.

Employees and candidates have expectations and those expectations turn into experiences.

And you know what? Reputation consists of the many opinions your audiences have about you based on their direct and indirect experiences about your company.

  • Negative employer reputation is a bummer, because it kills all your attempts to develop an attractive employer image.
  • Managing your reputation can be hard in these days of social media. Everyone has a free and fast access to voicing their opinions and experiences. And there are millions of people who are willing to listen.

Neutral employer reputation doesn’t help you either.

What if your audience has no opinions about your company?

That means you have zero appeal.

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Employer brand or talent brand?

The most common error is to think employer branding and developing the employer image are the same activity. They are not.

Add talent brand to the equation and employer branding gets even more confusing!

  • The conventional idea of employer branding is a limited number of people decide what the employer brand is.
  • That ideal outcome is communicated as an employee value proposition (EVP).
  • Talent brand refers to the other side of the coin: the employees’ mutual experience of who we truly are.

I teach and execute the modern version of employer branding. It combines what the business needs from the employer brand and how the employees’ experiences testify that’s actually true.

Link Humans has a good blog post on talent brand.

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