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This podcast is for those who want to learn how to build a modern employer brand and master modern talent marketing in a world where attention is no longer default and your audience doesn’t want to hear about your company’s needs and expectations.

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This podcast is my favourite too! I admire Susanna’s leading edge and perseverance in podcasting!


CEO, Social Selling Expert

“..and again, these awesome tips were learned from Susanna and Emine’s podcast!


Blogging about Candidate Experiences

Game Changers

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The Modern Employer Brand –@RantanenSusanna

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I’m a semi-competent TA thanks to you.


Recruiter, Hannon Recruiters

I loved [the episodic content] again! Thanks for clarifying an important topic again!


Expert in job search & employer image

Be aware. This podcast is going to change what you think about employer branding forever.


Recruitment Manager

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