Micro-moments are relevant in modern employer branding [podcast #60]

#60 Employer branding trends in 2021 - Micro-moments

Micro-moments are not a new discovery, but they are more relevant than ever. And therefore, it’s time to address micro-moments also in modern employer branding.

I briefly addressed micro-moments in the complementary blog post for episode 57.

What are micro-moments?

Micro-moments, originally pinpointed by Think with Google -blog are an expression of how our consumer behavior has changed ever since smart devices were first introduced and then glued to our hips.

Our talent audiences are consumers too. Just like you and I. Our mobile phones are like an extension to our bodies, always at a reach. And most definitely an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

Micro-moments are those moments, so microscopically small we hardly pay attention to them, when we reach out to our devices only to check something out quickly.

Think with Google talks about these moments when we intuitively turn out to our smart phones as the:

  • I want to know -moments
  • I want to go -moments
  • I want to do -moments
  • I want to buy -moments

Why these micro-moments are very relevant in modern employer branding?

Our target talent audiences reach out to those smart devices all the time. When they do, what are they googling about? What are the pages they land on or the social media profiles or posts they check out?

That’s the thing here.

Micro-moments are able to offer a pretty remarkable opportunity to get on our target audience’s radar on a daily basis.

These moments come about at an instant when you need to check something out. What if your content was able to answer the question causing the micro-moment?

Siiri blogs:

“Micro-moments can be a tremendous opportunity for talent marketing. Those are the moments your target audiences have a huge need or a desire to figure something out in an instant.”

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Listen to episode 60 of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast

In this weeks episode of Building a Modern Employer Brand -podcast we talk about micro-moments as a new employer branding trend.

In this episode:

  • What are micro-moments?
  • Micro-moments as an employer branding trend.
  • Why it might be worth to pay more attention to micro-moments as a talent marketer?

Episode-length: 15:19 min

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