We have very recently used Instagram for recruitment marketing for my agency Emine as we were adding to our team in Helsinki.

I thought I’d share with you exactly what we did and how we did it because we were able to ramp up this two-week organic marketing campaign on Instagram (and LinkedIn) because we had been building our Magnetic Employer Brand for a long time.

Using Instagram for recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing and employer branding are not the same. Let’s start with that.

Even though some of the messages and content may look the same, the purpose for marketing is different and that is what makes recruitment marketing and employer branding very different activities.

While most of our employer branding content worked really well in this campaign, we didn’t forget to add the necessary recruitment related calls to action to the posts and content we used in this campaign.

We chose Instagram as our primary marketing media for this campaign because it is so much better medium for leveraging employer brand affinity and getting personal with your prospects.

When we posted and engaged with our audiences on Instagram daily, we used LinkedIn a couple of times during both weeks to drive traffic from LinkedIn to Instagram as well as remind we are hiring.

Instagram features we chose for our organic two-week recruitment marketing campaign

Instagram has so many cool features available for free of use. Instead of investing a lot of money for advertising to get applications, we chose to invest a little bit of time for being present on Instagram to build connections, strengthen our employer brand affinity and expand our existing audience. And to get applications.

In essence, with no budget we got much more than had we chosen to go the traditional recruitment advertising route.

The organic content marketing tactics we applied

Our recruitment campaign was based on organic content marketing and us actively pursuing a dialogue with those followers interested in working for us.

Our two-week campaign leveraged the following Instagram features:

  • Daily posts on the feed:
    • Single photo posts
    • Carousel posts
    • Animated posts
    • Replays of the Recruitment Lives
  • Daily application of Stories to inform about the process and ask and answer audience questions.
  • Pinning the created Stories content to a Highlight we created for this campaign.
  • A Weekly Instagram Live during the two week -campaign.
  • Using the new Add link -feature to the job post in Stories to drive traffic to content on our career site. This feature is now available also to accounts with less than 10 000 followers.
  • Engagement stickers on Stories such as:
    • Ask a question
    • Go to the job post on our website
    • How hot is this role
    • Be reminded about our Recruitment Live when we start
emineland using Instagram for recruitment marketing
These are all recruitment campaign related posts on our Instagram feed.

The goals we had for this recruitment marketing campaign

Most people might think the obvious goal for a recruitment campaign is to get enough applications to hire someone. And they are not wrong.

But if you really think about it, recruitment campaigns are marketing when hiring someone is recruiting. They are in fact different parts of a the over all process requiring different skills.

The reason why we chose an organic marketing campaign like this was not just to get applications.

We already had enough prospects for the vacancy in our Insiders group, our talent pool. We decided to go public because one of my employees said there are probably many people who hasn’t sent us their open application and haven’t ended in our Talent Pool, but would apply if we let them know we are hiring right now.

It made sense to let people know. We could get more great applicants for this round, but we could also grow our existing audience, strengthen our employer brand affinity and remind our agency clients the value of building the modern, Magnetic Employer Brand. And it was a fun, collaborative team effort!

How to measure success in a recruitment campaign >>

We had some specific recruitment marketing objectives for this campaign:

  • Invite the keenest LinkedIn followers to follow us on Instagram because that’s our main employer branding media outside our website.
  • Give our organic reach a good boost with super relevant content and messages.
  • Drive traffic to our career site and career content.
  • Drive traffic to our website for potential new clients.
  • Expand the size of our known audience and start a dialogue with new followers and fans.
  • Grow our Insider’s group with new prospects, fans and advocates.

And I had one goal as well for LinkedIn: To pump up my lost reach because I have been posting too much English content when most of my audience at this time is Finnish and it looks like LinkedIn has penalized me for this (it’s another blog topic to analyze why this happens).

Our campaign was 99% organic. We had a total budget of 200 € for recruitment marketing on LinkedIn and Instagram, but there was a technical jab on LinkedIn few days into it and we stopped the campaign.

We spent probably 15-60 minutes a day on the marketing activities during these two weeks and there were three of us sharing this time invest. And it took me about 15 minutes to ramp up the campaign plan, update the links and choose which bits of existing content we are repurposing during the two weeks.

Why this campaign was unorthodox for us

We are in such a fortunate position here in Finland that we don’t normally need to campaign our hiring needs. I think I’ve shared with you on the podcast before how we apply the Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ for our own business as well.

What this means is that we have consistently and systematically built the brand for our family business Emine for almost a decade now. As a result, we are considered as the number 1 employer branding agency in Finland and have a really dedicated follower base of both talents and clients who publicly recognize themselves as our fans.

Because Finland is such a small market and we focus on an extremely tight niche in a field that has predominantly focused solely on hiring, we’ve grown slowly and haven’t had to hire that often either. We successfully hired directly from our talent pool (the Insiders) for many years.

What made this campaign unorthodox for us was that we actually went public about hiring now.

At first I wasn’t going to because we didn’t need to. But one of our employees recommended us to do differently this time. She mentioned how bummed she was a few years ago when she noticed a new employee starting in our team and she hadn’t come around sending that open application and missed the opportunity then. So it made sense to let people like her know.

And I’m glad we did because we have now met (online) so many new faces who have followed us for a long time and really love us!

What is Emine?

Emine team
Some of the team Emine at the backyard of our pre-Covid19 office.

I don’t mention my agency on this blog a whole lot because at this time, we are able to service clients only in Finland or through Finland, but I am an employer branding agency co-founder and owner with my husband Leo.

We founded Emine back in 2012. I had already started innovating and developing the talent marketing landscape in Finland two years earlier when I started my first business, a start up called Heebo, which no longer exists.

Emine is an employer branding agency helping modern growth companies to build their Magnetic Employer Brand according to my method. We apply the method also in their recruitment marketing needs as well as in cases where they need to reinvent their employer brand internally due to mergers & acquisitions or the digital business transformation.

We are considered (by the market) as the number one employer branding agency in Finland and last year were recognized also as a TOP 10 employer branding agencies in Europe.

This post was updated on Dec 3rd, 2021 with some minor detail fixes and additions.

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