Is your employer brand account short on Instagram followers?

Do you wonder what you should do to grow your Instagram audience?

I pulled together eight good tactics you should test and find a habit of repeating ever so often.

Let’s jump in it!

Getting more Instagram followers in 2022

First of all, we need to change how we think about our followers. Instagram users are picky and easily unfollow if your content doesn’t entertain them.

If your content fails to entertain, it fails to engage. And only engaging content is shown organically.

Instead of random, impersonal followers, you need to switch your mind to a talent community mindset.

#1 Optimize your Instagram profile for search and explore

Social Media Examiner pinpoints the importance of optimizing your Instagram profile for search and explore.

  • Name on the profile: If this account is for employer branding solely, make it known in the name. “Life at [company name]” is probably the most common name on employer branding and career accounts.
  • Add keywords your talent audience is likely to use for search such as careers, jobs, culture, workplace.
  • What website do you have on your Instagram profile? You can only have one working link. The best way is to make more of the one. Either create an Instagram Links -page on your company website and update your links there or use a third-party app for it.

#2 Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights are curated collections of the Stories published on your account earlier.

Their position underneath your bio catches attention and gives a great opportunity to grow awareness and build employer brand affinity. That’s why you should select only the most valuable and notice-worthy content in your highlights.

Learn more about How to use Instagram Stories Highlights to wow your audience.

#3 Post content people want to reshare

Reshares get your account organic attention. What do people want to reshare?

This is tricky because the typical employer brand account content is often “personal” to the business and lacks the kind of value the general talent public wants to pass on.

What people like to reshare on Instagram are:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Thoughts
  • Infographics
  • Educational easy-to-digest tips
  • Memes
  • Entertaining Reels

#4 Publish Reels and videos

At this time, Reels are the Instagram favourite child and get a lot of organic non-follower attention by Instagram.

Here are a few ideas for Reels on your Instagram employer branding account:

  • Office tours
  • Introducing teams and team leads
  • Snippets of the Day in a team/role
  • Behind the scenes
  • Educational tips
  • Introducing new employees
  • Explaining company values
  • Showcasing aspects of your company culture

Check out this 2022 Instagram Reels Tutorial For Beginners video on Youtube.

#5 Do collaboration posts on Instagram

The collaboration post feature is not for product influencers only. Anyone can use it. Therefore, why not use this feature on collaboration posts with stakeholders, employees and other talent influencers.

Instagram collaboration post ideas for talent marketing

  • Introducing a (new) employee
  • Partnering with recruitment or employer branding agency
  • Sharing a podcast/event/video/blog post created by someone else
  • Marketing a speaker line up for an event for talents
  • Instagram Take Overs by your employees

See these simple instructions on how to create a collaboration post.

#6 Use relevant hashtags in all of your Instagram posts

Instagram recommends using three to five hashtags but you can use up to 30 hashtags on each post.

Commonly used hashtags may take your post on the Explore page. But you should also create a branded hashtag for you only and ask your employees and Instagram followers to use it when they create or share your posts.

The great thing about your own branded hashtag is that it works like a link. When someone clicks on it, they get all the posts ever published on that hashtag.

#7 Create guides and use the URL-link in your content marketing outside Instagram

Do you use Instagram guides at all?

It’s a great tool letting you curate not just your own posts but posts from other profiles too in a guide. Each guide should have one topic, such as “Get to know our team leaders” or promoting roles you regularly hire for.

Guide ideas to explore:

  • Working at [your company name]
  • Facts and figures about our people
  • Our culture
  • Our offices
  • Career stories
  • How we onboard new employees
  • Our values
  • Showcasing key roles you regularly hire for

Check this blog post for more information on What are Instagram Guides and How to Create One by Hubspot.

#8 Do Instagram Lives around recruitment campaigns. Some of the audience will stick.

One of my favourite ones is Instagram Live around a recruitment campaign.

Always a great topic for a Live is a Questions & Answers -session with audience members interested in your vacancy. The great thing about Q&A lives is that they usually gather more interest than just those who consider applying. And some of these viewers stick, as in become followers.

Here are a few great tips on how to make this work:

  • Schedule and market your Live event for a week in advance. And not just on Instagram but on LinkedIn too.
  • Encourage your audience to send questions beforehand via direct message or using the Questions sticker in Stories.
  • If you plan to publish the Live on your profile, keep it not more than 10-15 mins long. Use the captions area to summarize the questions and answers in the video.
  • Promote the video on LinkedIn and Facebook for your relevant audience.

Check out how we used our Instagram profile for recruitment marketing.

Did I miss anything worth trying from this list? Comment below!

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