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Looking for a formula for employee spotlights on social media?

You came to the right place!

What is a formula for employee spotlights on social media?

A formula is like a template you copy paste for each spotlight you post on social media.

Formulas are great because you don’t have to reinvent the content wheel every single time you post something. They make your content creation job much faster.

Formulas add efficiency to your employer brand content marketing work. It’s much faster to gather information for the post when you just repeat the same formula for multiple posts.

A formula for employee spotlight sets out how the content looks like and what information you need from each spotlighted employee in order to create and publish the post. All you need is to create one formula and then repeat it as many times as you want to.

Example of a formula for employee spotlights

There is no limit to how many questions your formula should contain, but there might be a limit to how many questions your employees bother answering.

That’s why you might want to limit the number of your questions to maybe 3-5 and add the employee name, title and maybe division or team into the spotlight as well.

You also want your formula to include a photo of the employee, but it is up to you to decide whether you let the employee pick one they prefer or you take the photos for employer brand coherency.

Simple formula

  • Employee’s name
  • Title
  • Image of the employee
  • Answers to your chosen 3-5 questions
  • A direct quote from the employee

Download 35 employee spotlight questions (free PDF)

How to use the employee spotlight formula?

It all depends which social media you use the most for employer branding.

The easiest format to use is a simple social media post with the image of the employee attached. Use emojis and edit the responses to make the social media copy for the post.

Other options are for example:

  • Blog post with header image used as the social media post image.
  • Short videos.
  • Instagram and LinkedIn stories format.
  • An image post created of the photo and responses. (Canva is good for this.)
  • Tweet with an image.

Why you should use employee spotlights in your employer brand content marketing?

There are many benefits to showcasing your employees on social media, and not just for employer branding purposes.

First of all, spotlighting an employee is public recognition. Your company wants to put an employee on a pedestal and show your appreciation.

Secondly, employee spotlight makes a great marketing tactic for all companies who are looking for ways to humanize their brands. And that’s a great reason to add employee spotlights on your list of modern employer branding tactics.

Neil Patel, whose marketing tips are a great source of value add says employee spotlights are great content also for boosting your sales. As an entrepreneur I could not agree more.

Showing the faces and personalities of the people your clients and customers come to contact with can make a huge impact on the buyers purchase decision.

Here’s a few great reasons why employee spotlights make a great social media content

  1. When you have a simple formula, it’s super easy to engage your employees with employer branding. Just ask them to fill in their responses. With a little editing, you are good to post very quickly.
  2. Tagging the employee in question to the post makes it easy – and highly likely – for them to repost / share the post to their own followers.
  3. You have as many pieces of original content as you have employees, team leads, managers and even directors in your company! If you want, you could go for team specific photos to make it a fun way to differentiate the spotlights team by team.
  4. Your potential new employees will forever be interested in who works for your company. Spotlights are a great and quick way to get to know your entire workforce.
  5. Like Neil Patel suggests, employee spotlights may very well boost your company social media engagement, increase your follower count and invite many new talents into the Candidate Journey with your company.

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