Are you looking for the best employer branding blogs in 2022?

Look no further! I compiled a list of what I see as excellent value-add sources to follow and digest in 2022.

I have to say, when I did my research and went through what I found, I saw how few true employer branding blogs there are! Most fall under recruitment marketing or even in the wider HR context.

I was going to compile a list of my top 10 findings, but I could only come up with the following six picks I can genuinely recommend for their content.

Top 6 Employer Branding Blogs in 2022

While most of these sources on my list also share about recruitment marketing and culture, I picked these six because they separate employer branding from recruitment marketing, and that’s something I emphasize as well.

These blogs are active in producing new content, and the topics they post about are very current or evergreen.

Blu Ivy’s EB Blog & Budding Ideas

Blu Ivy is a US-based agency focusing on employer branding and culture. And that’s exactly what their content is all about—a delicate mix of visually appealing content tackling the employer brand mainly from the inside out.

Stories Inc Blog

Stories Incorporated is also a US-based agency focusing on culture communication and employee experience. They are active content creators and if you subscribe to their blog, you’ll regularly receive inspiring stories about how they have worked with their clients.

Exaqueo’s Employer Brand Blog

Exaqueo hails from the US and brands itself as a full-service employer brand consulting firm and a creative agency. Their blog posts speak to the employer branding manager directly, so if that’s you, you might find their content inspiring.

Link Human’s Employer Branding Blog & Podcast

My fellow Nordic, Jörgen Sundberg, has one, if not the longest standing employer branding podcast. His blog and podcast (the way I see them) cater to employer branding topics and trends for corporations and large employers. Oftentimes, he shares corporate case studies on his blog and podcast. If you do employer branding for a large organization, I recommend this for you!

James Ellis & The Talent Cast

Okay, this does not qualify as a full-blown blog, and it’s also a lot about recruitment marketing, but I adore James Ellis, and his podcast deserves a spot on this list. If his podcast were a blog, it would be on this list. What I like about James is his attitude. I can relate to his way of thinking about and challenging employer branding. I see the male version of me in him!

The Modern Employer Branding Blog & Podcast

My blog is recognized as one of the Top 10 Employer Branding Blogs on the Internet by FeedSpot. My podcast that goes by the same name has been listed as one of the Top 10 Employer Branding Podcast by them as well.

I blog and post regularly with a focus on how to apply persuasive marketing, storytelling and the science of influence to build a modern, magnetic employer brand.

Check out Feedspot’s list of 20 blogs focusing on employer branding, recruitment marketing and HR.

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