Organizational culture and employee engagement go together like pots and peas.

Company culture is one of the key ingredients within the modern employer brand. It is probably good to dig a bit deeper into what organizational culture means and how it goes hand in hand with employee engagement.

Organizational Culture Drives Behavior and Reinforces Engagement

Understanding employee engagement is hugely important, but business leaders need to understand culture before engagement.

Most organizations have strategic business objectives. Reaching those goals and objectives is the key emphasis every day at work.

The better the organization is able to focus their drive and energies towards achieving the business goals, the better the business is likely to be.

That’s why HR must make sure the company’s culture enforces the type of behavior and engagement that deliver both business results and achieve work happiness.

Organizational Culture is About Organizational Performance

Contrary to how we tend to develop culture as perks and benefits, organizational culture should really be about how we operate in order to perform as an organization.

I like to call it the ERP of organizational behavior. The way I see culture, it must help us lead and perform better as an organization and people.

That’s why to me, the best use of company culture is when it interprets and translates us how we need to behave and operate at this workplace to achieve the goals and objectives set for this business.

Employee Engagement Measures the Effectiveness of the Company Culture

Treat company culture as the spoken and unspoken rules for “the way we do things here”. When those ways are clearly defined, it is much easier for our employees to engage with those ways.

The most successful companies develop their culture and measure the impact of their culture through both: the business results and the employee engagement.

Company Culture and Employee Engagement Have Slightly Different Objectives

Thumbnail company culture vs. employee engagement by Susanna RantanenWhile employee engagement is a significant part of the employer brand -package, company culture and employee engagement have slightly different objectives and targets.

I formulated this infographic to open up some of the key differences between culture and engagement.

To summarize it: If the company culture tells us how we do things here, employee engagement measures the commitment of our employees to the ways we do things here.

Add employee experiences to the deal and you also get the how we feel about the way we do things here.

Download the infographic here for free >>

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