Content marketing in employer branding? [podcast #12]

Why content marketing works so well in employer branding

Content marketing works incredibly well in modern employer branding because most of us share the hobby of googling. What if your talent audiences found you regularly in their Google search results?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique where a business produces and publishes value-add content for their strategic audiences. It is a technique that has been widely used in B2B-marketing to drive inbound marketing leads for businesses. I have adopted this technique as one of the rooting elements of the modern Eminent Employer Branding Method.

HR marketing strategies.

When we recruit, we push for conversions with informative content relevant to the vacancy and the recruitment process.

When we build our employer awareness, we use content to inform, educate and build further curiosity in the relevant target audiences.

And finally, when we pursue an employer brand, we use content that is likely to grow affinity in our audiences.

The candidate journey I have crafted for you is really helpful for planning relevant content throughout the candidate journey.

What is the Candidate Journey?>>

Why content marketing works so well in employer branding

The accompanying podcast-episode

In this episode #12 of Building a Modern Employer Brand, we talk about why content marketing works so well in employer branding.

Episode-length: 29:54 min

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Episode content:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Why content marketing works so well in employer branding?
  • How branding through content is available for all of us.
  • What specifically is “talent content marketing”?
  • Implementing the Candidate Journey in talent content marketing.

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