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Susanna Rantanen

Modern employer branding & talent marketing coach and consultant

Ever since starting my HR career back in 2002, I have always wanted to leverage behavioral science, better communication and marketing to help my employers stop the struggle with getting and keeping the talents their business needed.

When I first created The Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️, it was to respond to the greatest obstacle most fast growing and scaling businesses have: hire enough and hire right when the business and culture keeps changing as your grow.

The ability to follow their growth strategy is often complicated by internal growth pains and external lack of strong market position as an employer.

At the very core of the magnetic employer branding method™️ are:

  • Positioning the company as the guide and talent as the hero.
  • Basing the employer brand on the company culture, purpose and employee experiences.
  • Using business storytelling and the persuasive marketing to invite relevant talents on the Candidate Journey of the Information Era™️ with the company.

In it’s essence, building the Modern Employer Brand is all about making sure your talent audiences are both aware and infatuated by your mission and how you deliver your customer promise. But also, help your company to stay competitive by building your own understanding of your talent market value.

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ includes a powerful communication strategy and a systematic marketing plan for you start inviting your relevant talents on the Candidate Journey of the Information Era™️ with your company.

We are currently offering consulting services to growth businesses only in Finland.

Talent Marketing School is open for international students.

Ask for online consultation and sparring services.


What they say about me?

Iida Mustonen

“Pioneer of strategic organisational culture development and trendsetter of employer branding. Relentless advocate of better worklife, smart business woman and a kick-ass bosslady.
What comes to customer work; you rarely see a consultant as devoted as Susanna is. She wants to know her customers well to deliver true value instead of just copying the same proposed solution to everyone.

At the same time she has developed services that enable steady business. And what comes to delivering value; that she has done with a proven track record.

I can sincerely recommend her to anyone looking for new perspectives, growth and becoming better in the field of strategic organizational culture, employee experiences and employer branding. And as an employer if you grave to be the one to deliver value to customers, love to grow and explore and hope to be treated with respect as an employee.”

Iida Mustonen
Former employee, Talent Acquisition at Rakettitiede

Pekka Mattila

“I have had the pleasure to work with Susanna both as a colleague and as an advisor since 2008.
She has an extraordinary talent in turning business strategies into actionable and efficient HR practices.

Her visions of the future of value and attribute based recruitment are compelling and definitely worth listening.”

Pekka Mattila
Advisor, former member of the Board, Group Managing Director at Aalto EE & Professor of Practice at Aalto University School of Business & Board Activist

Mila Javander Asplund

“Susanna was my guiding star and friend for over a year when we were to establish a new inhouse recruitment function, renew and improve the working methods around modern and honest employer branding and leadership.

Susanna is a very strong individual, her skills and heart radiate and you can feel it if you are in the same room. She is educated, knowledgeable, structured and actionable – and never does anything half-heartedly. She is very generous with her knowledge, and never stops giving and sharing.

Susanna is a colleague and friend I will never forget, and I hope we will work together again. I recommend her without reservations.”

Mila Javander Asplund
Former customer at Enfo, Consultant Manager at C.A.G Mawell