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The simple idea behind the Candidate Journey of the Information Era is to visualize how our ideal candidates may not be ready to convert into our applicants.

Just like our customers are not going to buy just because we have a need to sell, our talents are not going to apply to our jobs just because we have a need to hire.

What is the Candidate Journey of the Information Era?

There are four phases of which the first one needs to happen for the journey to even start.

candidate journey of the information era
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I designed The Magnetic Employer Branding Method© to provide you with a systematic approach for inviting and nurturing your ideal talent audiences on this journey with your company.

Everything begins with winning their attention enough times in order to get them start the journey with us.

During the journey, you will be distributing strategically planned messages in your chosen talent marketing funnel to grow awareness and build affinity between your target audience members and your company.

The talent marketing funnel and Candidate Journey >>

In this episode, I will take you through the Candidate Journey of the Information Era and explain what value it can bring into your employer branding.

Episode length: 31:02 min

In this episode:

  • How to transform from the traditional campaign-based thinking into the journey-thinking?
  • What is and how to use the Candidate Journey of the Information Era?
  • The four phases of the journey explained.
  • How the journey needs to impact our talent marketing decision making.

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