A career newsletter is going to become an essential medium for modern employers.


Social media algorithms actively prevent the reach for posts with links yet you need the traffic to your career site.

Newsletters can be highly worthy of the time you invest. But only if the content is a valuable trade-off for the time of your subscribers.

In this blog post, I share with you three killer ideas for a career newsletter.

3 top-notch ideas for a career newsletter

Let’s make one thing clear.

A career newsletter must be about career opportunities, career paths, career inspiration, career news and other career-related information relevant to the subscribers. However, not necessarily just about your organizations.

The more you can share outside your organisation, the more value you are likely to provide to your subscribers. And you don’t need to create all the content yourself! Just curate and share!

This means that you want to be specific about your audience: who should subscribe to this newsletter, and what informational value can you commit to delivering to them regularly?

#1 – Target audience specific newsletter

Companies who regularly hire a specific target audience can receive great benefits with a target audience specific newsletter. All the content in this newsletter must match with the target audience’s profile and interests.

Ideas for content:

  • Recent blog posts and other content about the work these talents would do in your organisation.
  • Relevant new employee & management intros
  • Career development stories about relevant employees
  • Business news related to the work this audience would do in your organisation
  • Tips and how-to -content shared by your current team members
  • Industry news specific to this target audience
  • Open vacancies for this target audience – in your company and elsewhere!

#2 Behind the Job Scenes

As a career newsletter, “Behind the Job Scenes” shares snippets, moments, insights and “revelations” about your people and culture you aren’t sharing with everyone.

Ideas for content:

  • Company culture-related insight and data
  • Documented moments or even diary-type notes about your company’s growth journey
  • Photos and videos capturing special moments at work

Key here is to make it about stuff people outside your organization don’t get to see. Make this special for your subscribers and share content you don’t share elsewhere. Everyone loves being part of a VIP-club!

#3 Insights on industry career trends & people to watch

Your newsletter doesn’t need to be just about your organisation’s career opportunities and people.

You can probably excite a much bigger audience if you share insight about your industry, but again, from the career aspect.

Treat this type of newsletter as a PR effort instead of a promotional effort. You’ll find it delivers more value for less money.

With a little bit different type of effort, you are likely to gain a much larger audience and huge value in growing the employer and company awareness on the market.

You just need to make sure the name for this newsletter is specific about who is behind this pack of value.

Ideas for content:

  • Analytical (and objective) breakdowns of key employers in the industry
  • Insight on industry salaries and benefits
  • Introducing industry spokespeople and influencers
  • Recommended jobs in the industry (you can sell spots for these!)
  • Behind the Job Scenes – content from
  • Links to industry news and latest blog posts, and other content from industry employers

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