Native video content is video media content uploaded and published directly on a social media platform.

Instead of publishing your video on, let’s say Youtube and then sharing the link to your Youtube video on other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, you create the video or upload a video file on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Native video on social media is video you see and watch on your feed. There are no links anywhere.

Native video content has become key social media content

Video in general has become key content on social media. Video content has been pushed upon us by the major social media companies for a few years now.

But recently, native videos have also become our must-have asset in our social media content marketing. All major social media companies are giving video content the most organic reach simply because getting users to watch videos keeps them longer on the app.

If video content is missing from your talent marketing content plan and feeds, your talent marketing is in trouble. This is the harsh reality.

How to create native video content?

Technically, creating native video content is not difficult.

We no longer need anything but our mobile phones, good light and maybe a microphone. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Reels have amazing video editing tools enough for pretty much every user.

All you really need to do is ideate what your video is about, shoot it on your mobile phone, edit on the app and publish.

The ideating part is the harder one. If you have an employer brand content strategy, you get your ideas from there. At minimum, you need the key message you communicate through your video.

Creating video on most social media apps is pretty intuitive. Locate the video icon and let the app instruct what to do. That’s pretty much it technically.

Of course, there is a difference between any video and a good video that gets and keeps attention.

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How to create a video that gets and keeps attention?

There are two angles to creating what your audience will see as “good” videos:

  1. The video is technically pleasant to watch and listen.
  2. Video content is relevant and adds value to the viewer in that moment.

11 tips for engaging social media videos

  1. In 2022 and beyond, your social media videos must be either educational or entertaining.
  2. A good video has just one key message. It’s simple, memorable and relevant to your business and your target audience.
  3. Ideate your script before you shoot the video. A good video has the beginning, middle and the end.
  4. Get to the point in the first few seconds.
  5. Design to deliver your key message sound off.
  6. Shoot your video in good day light or use other sources of light.
  7. Use a microphone or go to a quiet place. Clean audio is as important.
  8. Shoot your video in clips. This helps you to memorize what you want to say and break a monotonous pattern.
  9. Edit on app or use video editing apps such as my favourite, Videorama (for iOs). For the most part, I like to use Instagram Reels and TikTok editing tools to create and finalize my social media videos.
  10. Before you hit the share or publish, write your captions and add your relevant hashtags to help your video to be found on social media.
  11. TIP! Once I’m done, I download the video on my phone and upload it as a native video to other social media platforms.
    • If you use TikTok, don’t download the video because it comes with a watermark other social media platforms detest. Copy the link on TikTok and go to Snap.Tik website to download the video without a watermark.

Buffer has written a really great post about How to create engaging short videos for social media (including 7 excellent examples).

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